Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 8: The Comfort Of Hand-Me-Downs

Ah, Friday. At long last, the end of the week.
Today also marked the Swap Meet, which was quite enjoyable, if only to spend the entire morning in the company of a room full of comic geeks and anime nerds.
You can imagine the conversations we had.
It was fun, to say the least, and I wish I could do it again.
I didn't sell a whole lot (actually, all I really sold were TAoCKF merchandise, so I guess that's a good thing?), but it was nice all the same, and I managed to get a hold of the FLCL Storyboard book for a mere $7 from another merchant!
That alone made the whole experience a win for me.

As it was, I had been drooling over our Department Chair's copy of the same book every time I walk into his office.
Actually, I ogle pretty much everything in his office....
It's a hot mess of comics, action figures, and anime paraphernalia.

But I digress.

The sketches for today may not be the best I've produced so far, but I've been experimenting and pushing myself, so I'm satisfied with the output today.

First up is a random illustration of a girl who was meant to be one of the main characters from my story, Dream Easy.
This isn't her final design, though, so I'm still working with it.
Ugh... those arms and legs.... why am I having issues with my anatomy lately?!?
Must practice on that next time....
I was wearing that dress today, btw.
(It's a dress my sister gave to me last time I went home, along with everything else I've been wearing this week... I've declared it a personal holiday week: Wear Your Sister's Hand-Me-Downs Week. It's a good holiday.)

Uh... I don't know.
I was sitting in Loco's with Lilly waiting for food to arrive, and decided I should probably do some sketching.
I was coming up on empty as far as ideas, though, and I began to realize that all I really draw are women.
So I challenged myself to draw a guy with drastically different and exaggerated facial features than what I normally draw.
It didn't turn out great, but I do like the shape of the nose, and may use that in the future.

Okay, this may take a little bit of explaining.
I've developed this obsession with drawing Emma's (the main character from my webcomic) mouth.... JUST her mouth.
It happened when I was working on concept design assignments for Paul Hudson's class involving character expressions, and I found I really just like drawing the shape of her mouth and her teeth in all their various forms.
I've come to realize that Emma expresses with her mouth, whereas Chester expresses with his eyes.
This creates a nice contrast between the two characters that reflects the difference in their basic personalities, but I'll leave that for you to figure out as the comic progresses. ;)
So here.
Have some Emma mouths.

During my weekly Friday Game Night, I determined that I had not drawn nearly enough to redeem my recent fallings-short on my sketchblog, so I attempted to make a comeback... only to realize I was fresh out of inspiration for the day.
So I drew an eye.
That's when I thought to myself, "How absurdly ordinary and cliché can you be?!?"

Luckily, one of my regular Game Night guests, and my good friend, Rebecca, picked up on my lack of creativity and volunteered to give me a subject to draw.

So first, she suggested a cat with lazer eyes.
I give you: LazerCat, the pet of RazorBack (Game Night inside joke... don't ask).
LazerCat is srs bsns.

Finally, Rebecca requested a bird in a business suit being pooped on by a human overhead.

That's when I decided to call it a night for sketching.
I apologize for what you're about to see.

Rebecca called that both cute and disturbing at the same time.
Somehow... I agree with her.

That's all for tonight!
Sorry for the late upload!

I want to say thank you to my very good friends Lilly and Lauren for being so good to me today.

I also want to say this:

Goodnight, sugar dumplings.

That is all.

Thanks for reading everyone!
Love you all, and have a good night!
(Maybe instead of saying goodnight, from now on I should say good morning?)

Emily J. Sampson

p.s. Happy May. :)
My birthday is on the 27th, along with my Thesis Show and the last day of classes!
How exciting!


  1. Laser cat would make a good superhero. He has the makings of a star. or a foil for wallace.

    Extra irony, and your interests in birds might dictate laser cat has a sidekick.

    who is a robin.

  2. @CopyPop: I can imagine Wallace having a spin-off series in which he fights crime by laying down in front of a running criminal, or falling on top of a mugger. Then his greatest nemesis, LazerCat, enters the scene! At the end of season one, you find out LazerCat is Wallace's brother! DRAMA!