Monday, May 24, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 32: The Derpening

Well, kids.
It's officially Finals Week here at SCAD,
and everyone is bustling about Savannah like a pack of rodents scurrying to through a maze.

It's also officially my birthday week.
How am I celebrating?
How I've always celebrated my birthday for as long as I can remember:
studying, working on projects, preparing for the end of the school year, etc.
Ah, the only disadvantage to a May birthday.
That's okay, though.
I like having a birthday right in the middle of the year,
so that Christmas presents aren't too close to Birthday presents. :P

I'll be honest,
I don't remember most of the day.
At least not the beginning part of it.
I woke up early and got down to work and the whole morning just flew right by.
Before I knew it it was 1:30 and I was ready for lunch with Lilly.
(However, I've determined that I can only have Juarez twice a month max.)

Today was indeed productive, though.
I spent the first half putting the finishing touches on the images for my website galleries,
making thumbnails out of them,
and making gallery inventory and caption lists.
Upon finishing, I sent them all off to my loyal codemonkey Tim,
who is working feverishly on building the website for me.
So far, we only have the header and contact information, and a super-secret image that will be revealed once the home page is completed.
You can view my site under construction here.

You may remember the mythical creatures called Turmusi (plural of Turmus),
which are rodent-birdlike animals in the world I created for a story of mine.
The Casumarsupus (also called Casumars or Royal Bloodletters) are distant relatives of the Turmus,
and much larger in comparison.
They're about the size of an ostrich, but can be bigger or smaller depending on the region they're found in, and on the domestication and breeding.
They're like a cross between a Cassowary and a Kangaroo.

Today's free sketch goes out to Matt,
who asked for a drawing of himself.
Here you go, you epic bearded man, you.

Today was also Timuchan's birthday,
and seeing as he's always had a little girl inside of him (don't ask),
I figured he should be allowed to free her at least for the day.
Run free, little Timma. Run free.
(Really... don't ask. I don't want to explain this. >___>)

While going through my artwork for the website today,
I rediscovered some sketches I did for a somewhat older story of mine called Pandora's Box.
Anna, who is basically the main character, gets put through a lot of craziness in the story,
including having her entire molecular structure reconstructed by the monsters called the Purge that have invaded the Earth.
In a nutshell, she's become a human-Purge hybrid.
Her entire body is malleable to her will, but the human side of her is slowly corroding away, and if she doesn't figure out a way to purify her body of the virus, she'll soon become another mindless beast.
Pretty dramatic, I know.
Anyway, she's always been one of my favorite characters of my stories,
simply because of the complexity of her personality and the story of her life.
Plus, she's pretty awesome-looking, amirite?
Not sure if I want to redesign the Pandora's Box characters just yet, since their redesigns are actually fairly recent.
We shall see.

Lilly came over and set aside some of her valuable time to keep me company and watch Adventure Time and then eat soup and ramen and watch House of Five Leaves with me.
Thanks, Lilly.
You made my evening a little more bearable. :)

To everyone working on finals, I say again to you,
Don't stress out!
Keep working hard, but be sure not to overexert yourself.
Take breaks every couple hours or so to reward yourself for working so hard, and you'll get through this no problem.
This is the 14th set of Finals Weeks I've been through in my professional studies, and I'm still alive (barely). ;)


Thanks for reading,
and have a great night!
Love you all!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. Just a few more days till EPIC happens!
(By that I mean, my family comes to visit, it's the last day of classes, it's my Grad Thesis Show, AND it's my birthday!
Have I already said all this?
Well, too bad, you get to hear it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. :P)

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