Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 17: Jacked Up

I woke up late... again.

Lilly and Vanessa and I went to T-Rex Mex to get delicious quesadillas and tacos.
While we waited, we came up with more creatures.
Well, Vanessa came up with a creature, and I came up with another one.
They are shown below:

I was actually hungry enough to finish my entire quesadilla.
It was the first time I'd actually finished one of their quesadillas in one sitting.
It was so filling, I started to slip into a food coma....

Fortunately the Magic Mattress has Food Coma Radar and immediately came to my rescue,
whisking me off into the sunset.

Today's free sketch goes out to my friend Howie.
He requested I draw Emma wielding Sode No Shirayuki (which is Rukia's sword in the series Bleach, for those who don't know).
At first I thought, "An unusual request, but okay."
Then I realized why he requested it....
There is indeed an uncanny resemblance between Emma and Rukia....
Hmmmm.... I wonder.... Oh well!

There's something I've been thinking about this weekend.
I've been extremely anxious about what to do after I'm all done with schooling and my thesis, and I keep cycling through the options with no solid results coming up.

If certain... circumstances... take place, I'd be even more thrown for a loop.
Various options would then seem worse than before.
If, in the next couple months, these circumstances do unfold, I would desperately need to escape....

Which is why I've been toying with the idea of traveling alone on a cross-country road trip.
It'd be kind of like soul-searching for me.
I'm almost 25 years old and I still don't quite know who I am or want to be or want to do exactly.
Because of certain circumstances, that's grown even more complicated.
I feel like I've allowed the people I've surrounded myself with to mold me too much to an extent that I'm not sure who my true self really is.
So perhaps I need to take a month or so to just escape from everyone and find myself somewhere.
I've always wanted to do something like this.

Granted, it would be more fun if I had a companion to go with me,
but it might be better if I learned how to survive alone for a while...
Because if the previously mentioned circumstances do take place,
I really will be alone.
And the mere thought of it frightens me.

My goal is now to finally get my driver's license and get a car.
I want desperately for it to happen.
I want to be able to drop everything and leave my old life behind.
Eventually maybe I'll return to it,
but I need to have a time of solitude and meditation.

Man, I sound like a hippie....

After all this pondering, I really needed to get out of my house and get some fresh air.
I haven't ridden Tobi (my delightful Piaggio Fly scooter) since Friday or Saturday, and so I decided a nice open-air ride through downtown Savannah was exactly what I needed.
However, to my dismay, when I went to the backyard to take him out,
I discovered he was strangely out of his usual parking position.
When I unlocked him and tried to drive him out of the yard, I noticed I couldn't steer him properly.
That's when I saw that the handles were facing one direction and the wheel was facing the other.
The steering was misaligned.
My only form of transportation is out of commission.
It was the most devastating thing to happen to me at the moment, and the anxiety I was already feeling was more than doubled in an instant.
To top it off, the one person I thought I could depend on to make me feel better was out of contact.
Things were looking horrible for me.
I felt trapped and isolated.
Fortunately, I was able to contact Motorini, the Vespa shop I bought the scooter from, and arrange for them to come in the morning to take a look at Tobi.

Also, Lilly, who is more than amazing to me, was willing to set aside her own work to take me for a drive.
We went to get coffee at Starbucks (which we fortunately got right before they closed),
where we saw one of our other friends Diana.
As we were walking over to greet her, the following exchange took place:
(Please note this is a more accurate depiction of myself rather than the Derp Emilys.)
Obviously, Diana and Lilly heard something COMPLETELY different than what was actually said.
I loled.

That's about all for today.
Oh yeah!
It was Mother's Day!

I called my Meemaw and my Grandma earlier and wished them both a happy one, and had delightful conversations with both.
My grandma talked to me about squirrels for five minutes and it made me happy.

After that, my sister sent me a picture I'd been asking my family to scan and email to me for a while.
It made me giggle.
I may consider putting it up here, but for now, only my facebook friends will know what I'm talking about. :)

That's all for today.

Thank you to Lilly for expressing concern and sympathy to me, and for helping me out of a very stressful situation.
More thanks to Diana, Elaine, and Ben for caring about my scooter fiasco.
That's all.

Love you all, and have a great next week!

Emily J Sampson

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  1. Ha, I love the little Byakuya!

    I too have been longing for a road trip, I even plotted my dream route. It goes from Maine to the coast of Oregon. Alone or with a friend, I don't really care.

    An alternative I have been pondering for some time is going "walkabout," a la Crocodile Dundee. Just taking a week or two, a backpack with ample preserved food supplies and a lean-to, and walking through the wilderness wherever my heart takes me.