Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 30: The Many Breeds Of A Burp

Today got off to an... interesting start.

I'll only say this:
If you're desperate for something,
you'll take extreme measures,
and sometimes stoop to the lowest of lows.
But it takes something really amazingly awful to drives someone to turn against their own loved ones.
Fortunately, that will never happen to me.
I love my family,
I love my friends,
and I will
do anything to hurt them,
make them upset,
make life harder for them,
or drive them away from me,
even if it means a chance at personal gain.
That's because material treasures are fleeting and will always fade away,
but friends, and especially family, are forever.
Someone very wise once told me,
"Your sibling should be your closest friend.
They are the ones that will have known you the longest,
so make sure you develop a good relationship with them."
The same goes with your family.
They have always been there with you, since you were born.
It's important to be on good terms with your family and try to work things out with them.
Always remember that.

That's why I love my sister to death.
She will always be there for me,
even though my friends come and go.
She's the one that will know me from birth to the end (hopefully).
I don't know what I'd do without her.
Love you, Liz.

That being said, today was quite productive.
Went on a Wal-Mart super-run with Tyler to get some things of importance,
including a mini-grill for our BBQ on the Beach party next Friday!
So excited!
Tyler had his movie screening today.
It's so amazing!
Y'all in Savannah better be sure to make it to the official screening next Thursday at 8:00,
because it's gonna be EPIC.

Today I tried experimenting more with Tsubasa's expressions,
which didn't turn out too well.
The style kept changing, and without reference for the mouths,
somehow it was extremely difficult to maintain the feel of the character.

So, what I did instead was go back to basics.
I took the solidified Tsubasa profile and went through the vowel set,
trying to see what she'd look like if she said each of them.
It was actually pretty fun.
I may go through the whole alphabet eventually.
For now, this works great to get a feel for drawing her,
though it still needs tweaking.

Typo of the Day: "Brad grab."
(It was supposed to be "grab grab.")
See, Tyler?
I told you I wasn't drawing an Angry Tyler. :3

Today's free sketch goes to Grace,
who very generously requested that I draw Emma and Chester (from my webcomic TAoCKF) going on a date together.
I've drawn "derpy Emma" and Chester on dates, such as getting coffee, going for a swim, going to the zoo, and rock climbing,
so I wanted to do something different.
Emma's idea of a date is probably something simple and fun,
that a child would enjoy.
Hence, swinging in the park.
poor Chester is too big for the swings.
"How does this work?"

Enjoy! :)

That's about all for today!
It's my roommate's birthday, so wish her a happy one!
Happy Birthday, Kate!!!!
I'll help you enjoy that delicious Oreo Ice Cream Cake I got for you, if you like. ;)

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Love you all and have a great night!

Emily J Sampson

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