Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 23: Where's The Prom?!?


Um... so I was kind of energetic today,
which was good,
because I used all that energy to clean the kitchen and some of the living room.
*fist pump*

Later, Tyler and I floated off to Outback for dinner.
I broke in my new boots today.
They were a bit tight around the toes,
but I think if I avoid walking long distances in them they'll work okay for me.
I only got them for the Thesis Show and special occasions anyway.

Here's a random conceptual sketch for the Plague Doctors project.
I'm not too happy with it.
Wasn't feeling it.

Tyler suggested I draw Southern Drawl Cat drinking lemonade.
Here he is.

Over dinner, we somehow got on the topic of crabs wearing princess hats.
Ummm.... yeah.

Today's free sketch is for Joe!
He requested I draw Zidane from FFIX,
which was the first Final Fantasy game I experienced! :D
I really had fun with this one.
The concept was a joy to execute. :3


Tyler requested that I not draw any more Angry Tylers,
so I shall comply.
Instead, here's an Angry Kitty Tyler! >:3
From now on, I will be taking requests for alternate versions of Angry Tyler.
They can be anything from animal, to plant, to mythical creature or art style.

When I got home from dinner,
the neighbors across the street started yelling at me.
I don't know what they wanted,
but they just kept shouting, "Hey! HEY! LADY! YOU!"
and wouldn't stop until I got into my house.

Go to bed.
You're probably tired.

Thanks for reading!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Love you all!

Emily J Sampson


  1. This is hideous. For the love of God, please just to back to normal human Angry Tylers.