Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 33: I Bleed Good Luck

I'll not lie.
Today was pretty amazing.

It was a long day since it's a Tuesday and I have back-to-back morning classes,
but it was full and exciting.

Before I get started though,
here's another Randomian creature.
Think of it like a giant Hornbill crossed with a mole-cow.... or something.

The free sketch today goes to my good friend Reed,
who requested Dr. Horrible.
I think he's kind of gone mad from the loss of a certain someone.... Poor guy.

So, as for the day....
In class I finished cutting all 117 of my business cards (some of which are derp cards, and will be saved for emergencies or close friends who already know my contact info),
and then I began framing my 4 pieces for the Grad Thesis Show.
Unfortunately, Ex Libris didn't sand down the edges of the glass they gave us,
and I received a somewhat nasty cut.
I went down to Trisha's office (the Building Manager), and she gave me a bandaid.
Then she stopped and looked at me.
"Oh yeah... Why aren't you walking in the graduation ceremony?"
I shrugged.
"...Because you know you got nominated for an award, right?"
"Wh... what? Really?"
"Yeah... Nobody told you?"

Nope. Nobody told me that I was the first choice for an award,
and since I didn't know this, I didn't think walking in graduation would be such a big deal.
However, since I'm not walking, they won't be presenting me with the award.
It was both good news and bad news at the same time.
More good than bad, though, since lately I've been feeling a bit discouraged about my artwork,
and wondering if I'm doing this whole comics thing right.
To know that my GPA was high enough and that I was the first pick for this award really gave my confidence the boost I needed.
Plus, Trisha is kind enough that she promised she'd do what she can to get them to send me the award regardless.
Even if I didn't get it, I can still add the nomination to my resumé,
and it's still highly encouraging for me to know that people have that much faith in me.

With my newfound energy, Lilly and I went gallivanting all over town on mostly useless pursuits,
and eventually tired ourselves out to the point that I had to go back home and take a two-hour nap. DX
When I finally woke up, we went to Loco's for dinner, then enjoyed a Mud Pie Shooter for dessert. :P

Lilly dropped me off back home and I got to sketching some more old characters.
This time I revisited a character I created back in my Junior year of college.
Her name is Imiru, and she's an assassin from the story WorldWide Collapse.
Her design has come a long way from when I first created her, and she's a much stronger character now.
She's extremely fun to draw, in case that isn't glaringly obvious.
Imiru has a lot of issues in her life, in case you couldn't tell.
Not only does she have to deal with the stigma that comes with being an assassin,
but she's also an outcast in her own clan for not fulfilling the biggest mission of her life,
and now she's being hunted by her own sister.
To top it all off, she's got a nasty demon possessing her,
so not only are the government and assassin guild after her, but even the Church is against her.
Luckily there are a couple people that are looking out for her (whom you wouldn't really expect).

That's all for today!
Hope you enjoyed it!

Keep truckin', students and teachers!
The week is about halfway over, and you only have to give one last big push,
then you can go home and kick back and relax!

Thanks for reading!
Love you all, and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. TWO MORE DAYS!!!! 8D


  1. I like that second picture of imiru a lot. Also, SAMMICH.

  2. Ah, Neil Patrick Harris. Who knew he had such a love of sammiches.

    I... got a bit behind on checking out your sketches!