Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 35-37: Teach Your Children Well

I'm sorry for making you all wait so long for my next update.
If it wasn't obvious by my last hustled post,
I have been very busy running about Savannah with my visiting family and friend Heidi.
The 27th (Thursday) was my birthday, my Grad Thesis Show, the last day of classes, and the day my family got in to visit.
The 28th (Friday) was the day Heidi got in to visit, the day I had to tear down the pieces from the show, and the day I had to show my family around Savannah.
The 29th (Saturday/today) was the day I had to give one last tour to my family and see them off, unclog my toilet (thanks for the parting gift, family XD), show Heidi around town a little, and eat with friends and people.

Clearly, it's been jam-packed,
and that's the lame reason I didn't upload for the past couple days.
here we are, with three days' worth of sketches,
so prepare for BOMBARDMENT.

Let's start with all the free sketches I owe people:

Thursday's free sketch was for Ellen,
who gave me a wonderful birthday gift to give to myself:
Me as a centaur.
For requesting something so awesome on my birthday,
I decided to give her a bonus sketch.
I cruised her gallery for some characters and found this little gem.
Her character Kinapeke is pretty neat,
and as I was looking at the illustration,
I found myself wondering...
What exactly is behind that mask???


Friday's free sketch goes out to a long-time deviantART friend, Ryan.
This is his character Shuuya, who's got pretty awesome hair.

Today's free sketch is for my very very good friend IRL, Lilly.
She likes coconuts and octopi,
so when she heard about the coconut-carrying octopus,
you can imagine her excitement.
She requested an octopus running/hiding with a coconut...
But when I read it again today, for some reason,
I thought it said "coconut running/hiding with an octopus."
This is what I imagined:

Now on to the normal sketches!

This is just a random animal cat mongoose thing.
It was all I could manage to get done on Thursday before everything went down.

When my family and Heidi and I went to breakfast at Clary's on Friday morning,
my mom stabbed Heidi's pickle with a fork in a very violent manner.
She just wanted to eat it, but it was unexpected,
and the damage was done (mostly to the pickle).

Later, at Back in the Day, for lunch,
Tyler joined all of us,
and also contributed to my sketchbook.
Over the speaker in Back in the Day,
they started playing Bohemian Rhapsody.
It was too good to resist, and immediately,
Heidi, my mom, my sister, and I,
all broke out in song.
Dad and Tyler were not impressed.

Later, the cashier came out and said that it was like stereo since the guys in the kitchen were also singing the song. XD
As you can see above, I've introduced another cat to my sketchblog.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:
Filler Cat.
(Also, Heidi's cat Natsu.)

Today, Heidi and I hung out with Lilly and Disney after my family left,
and after lunch at the Toucan Café,
we went to City Market and got some gelato to eat by the fountain.
After observing the many ecstatic children dousing themselves in the patterned waterbursts,
Lilly and I could no longer contain ourselves.
We threw off our sandals and reverted to infantilism (not a word- don't care).
Needless to say, we were doused,
but happy. :)

Later that evening, Tyler called me and invited Heidi and I to join him and his parents at Moon River for dinner.
It was a delightful meal with delicious food and wonderful company,
and to top it off the Cubbies were totally schooling the Cardinals on television in the background. :D
What's more, Tyler's parents were generous enough to treat us to the meal.
It was definitely one of the best meals I've had in a while! :D
Tyler also demanded I draw Southern Drawl Cat stealing my moped.
That rebellious cat.... *shakes fist*

After dinner, we all went back to Tyler's place to watch his movies,
which never get old to me. :)
Then Tyler's parents went back to their hotel and Tyler drove Heidi and I back to my place so we could all enjoy some leftover Ice Cream Sub (it's like a giant ice cream sandwich made with Oreos and vanilla ice cream... we made it for my birthday party/BBQ on Friday :) ).

Tyler had earlier helped me unclog my toilet,
then returned later in the night to give us his leftover milk so it wouldn't just sit in his house all Summer and go to waste.
100 Man Points awarded.
(Note: Man Points cannot be exchanged for nor are they equivalent to Boy Points.)

After Tyler left, Heidi and I made popcorn and watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
I tell you, even 20 years later, that show does not get old.
20 years.... it's really been that long?!?

Anyway, it reminded me of something my sister and I always say to each other.
Sorry... I can't help myself.

To wrap up this uber-sketchblog,
I present you with the possible beginnings of another character redesign.
This is another character from Tsubasa No Negai,
and I'm still on the fence on whether or not I should cut it from the story.
It's a cat-like spirit guardian or something like that.
Her name is Tategami (name could change).
Anyway, here she is, in normal cat form:

Thanks for being patient,
and as always, thanks for reading!!!
Love you all so so much!
Thanks to everyone for making this the best birthday I've ever had in my entire life!

Emily J Sampson


  1. Oh. my. gosh. :9 Hehe, you look so epic as a centaur! :D Please tell me you can turn into one secretly...

    And, wow, how unexpected! :D Maybe I'll have to revive Kinapeke and divulge the story behind the mask. Your sketch of her is gorgeous.


    PS: I may not comment, but I do read - I'm loving the sketchblog. :D

  2. Thanks Ellen! Glad you liked it, and am happy to know you're reading! :D

  3. Epic Centaur Emily has no bow. She needs a bow!