Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 38: OUterwear As Opposed To Innerwear

Last day of the Weekend of Epic!

Heidi and I got to finally sleep in a bit and then went out to eat at Saigon Flavors with Lilly,
where I hunkered down on the Free Sketch of the day,
which goes to the ever-impressive Erik Kenworthy, Emperor of the Universe.
Being the amazing man that he is, Erik requested the following (word for word):
"I should like to request one, please! A sad, tall robot who is comforted by his friend (a penguin with an umbrella) as if to say "It's gonna be ok, bud. You can still shoot lasers out your eyes." (simplify as needed) : )"

You can imagine my excitement.
Here are the results:

After lunch, we went to the Oglethorpe Mall and did some shopping.
I bought an armload of coats, a hoodie, a cardigan, and new jeans.
It was quite the excursion and I made a lot of great finds that were well worth me spending my Birthday money. XD
Below you'll see an illustration of one of the coats I bought.

We returned to my house where Vanessa joined us for dinner.
Heidi made delicious beef kabobs with meat, veggies, and canteloupe from the Farmer's Market in Forsyth yesterday.
They weren't really kabobs, though, since they weren't skewered,
but who cares!
They were absolutely delicious!
We watched a bit of an MST movie,
then got distracted and started playing Tetris and Dr. Mario late into the night.
We polished off the ice cream cake from Kate's birthday, ate most of the rest of my ice cream, and nearly finished the Ice Cream Sub we made for my birthday on Friday.
It was quite the evening.

After Vanessa and Lilly left,
Heidi started getting ready for bed while I did some sketching.
I'm diverting from the Tsubasa No Negai redesigns for a little bit and approach the characters from RavenCrest from a slightly different angle.
Here's a somewhat different stylistic sketch of Torishou, one of the two main characters.
What I especially enjoy about Torishou (the Bird King) is that he's very effeminate,
in direct opposition to the other lead character, who is a tomboyish young woman.
I'm trying to keep that aspect, while making sure to give him some masculine features as well.
I'm going to experiment with the shape of his face and nose a little bit.

I was thinking more about the Summer,
and started wondering how much it would cost me to get my moped shipped from here to home.
I started researching prices, and it can get a little expensive,
so my friend Sara suggested I simply ride it home.
Setting aside the fact that it's illegal to ride a moped on highways,
Sara thought this would make for a pretty humorous sight.
I guess I'd agree. :P

Today I'm going to start a new section of the sketchblog entitled "Guest Sketch."
The first Guest Sketch is by Lilly,
who thought I was being a bit silly for talking about how crazy it is that I already have so many appointments with people back home over the Summer.
This is her interpretation:

Thanks for your contribution, Lilly!
Go check out her website/blog here:

Thanks as always for reading!
Love you all, and have a great night!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. Heidi leaves tomorrow morning. :'(