Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 39: Jake Yodelayheehooly

The last day of May.
The last half of this month went by so quickly!

Today I got up early and groggily saw Heidi depart for her flight home.
Afterward was a very sad moment since all the excitement of such a busy weekend came to a sudden halt.
However, I went back to bed and slept the loneliness off and woke up feeling fine.

Lilly and I tried a new pizza place in Savannah called Marco's,
and as delicious and amazingly cheap as it was,
the grease pulled a number on my stomach.
As we were shopping afterward, I started to feel the pain,
and had to have her take me home early.
Scratch that place off my list of restaurants in Savannah I can eat at. XD

At least I drew this dragon-dino-rabbit thingy while I was waiting for the pizza. :P

I started packing today,
which is always overwhelming.
The prospect of packing doesn't intimidate me necessarily,
but the mere thought of preparing my house to be empty for a little while puts me ill at ease.
Things should work out though.
Either our roommate will move out and my friends in Savannah will watch over my place,
or we'll get a new tenant to sublease the room for a couple months until we return.
Both ways will actually work out since Kate (who's moving out) knows the guy that responded to my ad.
Anyway, that's all settled and it's quite a load off.

Another thing I was worried about (though not to the extent of leaving the house empty),
was having transportation back at home.
I was thinking about shipping my moped back but it would be so expensive that I might as well just buy a new moped to keep at home.
I'm going to be getting my license anyway, so I may actually just hold out for a car. :P

Later, Vanessa and Lilly and I went back out for dinner at Ta Ca.
My tummy was still a little upset so I only had miso soup and an order of Philadelphia Roll.
Surprisingly, I ate all of it (with the exception of the tofu and seaweed that Lilly gladly consumed in my stead).

After that, Lilly and I went to Target while Vanessa went home,
and then hopped over and met back up with Vanessa for a movie at Victory Stadium.
We saw Prince of Persia, which was entertaining enough,
though there were a lot of problems with it
(such as continuity, cinematography, dialogue, fight choreography, etc.).
Still, it was fun.

Hey look,
here's more Torishou!

Today's free sketch is for OffColor on deviantART.
She requested her character Poe, who seems pretty awesome.
He has a sweet face tattoo.
That marks the last of May's free sketches!
How amazing was that!
Be on the lookout for more free sketches starting June 1st!
The theme this month is "Fanart!"
(There are still some slots available, if you want to request one.)

The Guest Sketch of the day is from Lilly again.
While we were waiting in her car for the movie to start,
she wanted to sketch, but didn't have her sketchbook on her.
So, I let her borrow mine for a little bit.
Here is the result:

Thanks for the contribution, Lilly!

Almost done packing now.
Just have to wait till tomorrow for the last tidbits.

This time tomorrow, I'll be in Indy with Sara. :)

Thanks again for reading!
Love you all, and have a great month of June!!!

Emily J Sampson


  1. filler inch worm has to be my favorite thing ever

  2. @Evui: Filler Inch Worm and Filler Cat are in love, but their love is forbidden, so they have to hide it from the rest of the world. In their hearts, they know they're destined to be together, however.