Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 45: The Dreams In Which I'm Dying

I unfortunately didn't join Sara at Church today,
since I didn't have a very good night's sleep and woke up with a very bad stomachache.
I used my time to rest up and then work on several projects, though.
Hopefully God will forgive me. ^^;

I'm working on some collabs with certain people,
which I am very excited about.

The first is with Heidi,
and since we've both got red-winged female angel characters,
we decided that would be the best subject for our image.
I'll be doing the lineart and Heidi will do the coloring
(which is a really good setup in my own opinion, because her colors are phenomenal).
Here are some thumbnails I've been pumping out to work out the composition:

The other collab I'm working on is with Shiory on deviantART,
and she suggested doing something to do with my bird characters.
Even though I haven't really discussed it that much,
I really love the relationship between Darius (the Secretarybird) and Tawny (the Owl),
so I want to do something involving those two.
Here are some concept sketches.
They didn't turn out all that great, but I'll keep at it.

Today's free sketch is for my friend Hillary,
who is another Doctor Who-tard (I use that term affectionately :P),
and requested the Fourth Doctor.
I love his long scarf, and thought it would be adorable to draw him with his giant scarf draped all around him. :3
Hope you like it, Hillary!

This is just an image I had in my head.
I wanted to work on a short story involving this,
but I'm not sure I should at the moment.
I'll let it simmer for a while and see where it goes.

Now that it's finally finished,
and I already gave it to her,
I suppose I can finally post my birthday present to Sara on here.
A while back she asked me to do an illustration for her of her character in my story Randomia,
specifically in the style of another illustration she saw and loved.
It's been a while since I worked in watercolors (almost a full year),
so I decided to take up the challenge.

Here are some of the steps of the illustration,
from pencils... colors...

...and at last to the final inked product.
You can see a larger version of it here.

Today was a bit more eventful,
if simply because I spent the last few hours with Will and Maggie on pizza, movie, and food-fetching excursions.
Prior to that I had just been gradually working my way up to Virus Level 18 on Hi-Speed in Dr. Mario.

That's about it.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Love you all and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. Tomorrow Sara takes me home! :)


  1. Ohhh I love that watercolor, it's a really solid piece :>

    I also am intrigued by the scene with the flying person saving the falling woman :D

  2. Are you sure he's saving her?
    ...Or is it the other way around? Hmmm...

  3. Oh my god I have been forgetting to check the blog.
    4 is so cute! You out did yourself!


  4. @Hillary: Thank you! I want to redo this one in Illustrator eventually and make his scarf a whole lot bigger. :3