Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 40: Orange Diamonds

June 1st:
Today was a very long and exhausting day.
Then again, traveling for half the day from the South to the Mid-East America will make anyone worn out.

Got up later than I wanted to,
and while I was in the shower,
the new tenant (who is subleasing Kate's room for July and August) came to see the house.
That was kind of a complicated mess we had to arrange last-minute,
but fortunately it all worked out in the end.

I packed up some more things then went out to lunch with Lilly and Vanessa at Barnes BBQ.
Their Grouper Basket there is amazing,
and the Hush Puppies that come with it are to die for.

In homage to my leaving Savannah for the Summer,
here's a mournful Southern Drawl Cat.

Tim asked me to illustrate this conversation we had about me being hungry on the flight and eating the plane.
He said I was like some kind of Emily-monster. XD

The flight provided plenty of opportunities for some prime sketching.
Here's just some alien-chick design utilizing a costume concept inspired by the movie Prince of Persia.
Don't be fooled- those aren't high heels... Those are her actual feet! D8

At one moment during the flight,
I looked out my window and saw a huge billowing cloud that inspired yet another creature design.
Here's a rough sketch of it.

After some minor delays,
I finally got into Indianapolis around 9 pm,
and Sara was there to greet me as I made my way to baggage claim.
After a long embrace, we picked up my luggage,
then headed off to get Tim to go out to dinner at Steak'n'Shake.

There, I drew more Southern Drawl Cat,
which Sara immediately recognized without me even shading him in or inserting the speech bubble. :3

We hung out at Tim's for a little bit before going back to Sara's house.
It was a very long night.

Today's free sketch was for Shiory on deviantART,
who requested the character Alice from Pandora Hearts.
Her hair reminded me of cat ears, so I took it and ran a little with it.

I was up most of the night with a bad foot-cramp,
but managed to walk it off and eventually get to sleep around 4 in the morning. XD

That's all for the day.
I'll try to upload today's (June 2nd's) sketchblog on time tonight. ^^;
Sorry for the wait!

Thanks for reading!
Love you all!

Emily J Sampson

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