Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sketchblog Edition 104: The Day Savannah Separated From The Rest Of The World

At last!
Sorry for the extended wait,
but it turns out Christmas break was a lot more... intense than I thought it would be.

Fortunately I've caught up on the sketches I owed you all,
so sit back and enjoy!

Before leaving for home, as you saw in the last sketchblog,
I was cutting fabric like crazy.
Heidi came over to help me and sat on my floor, cutting hat patterns.
She got little fabric bits all over her so I had to help clean her off.

Later, Lauren came home.
We had a moment.

Heidi and I drove back up North for Christmas,
and on the way we passed a farm with the chubbiest horse I've ever seen.
I had to draw it....

Also, have a Lepuline.

At home, we had to take Tucker (our family dog) to have a tumor removed from his leg.
While waiting to get in to surgery,
I took advantage of the free time to do some doodles.
The following are from the waiting room:
(random creatures)

(pooches in the waiting room, and Tucker being very nervous)

(some old lady drivers I saw while on the road, and some old lady pet owners at the vet's)

Tucker's surgery went well and they think they got all the tumor.

Later during break we went to this fantastic Irish pub in Naperville called Quigley's.
I decided to take the opportunity to practice my environments....

More random creatures....
(Bacat is requested by Tyler... the emoticon creature in the lower right hand corner is also a request by Tyler)

Oh hey, another Lepuline.

Now for what you've no doubt been waiting for!
The sketch requests!
I'll just breeze through these:

Cassie (aka no-kagami on deviantART)

D.J. Kirkland's character Robin.

Anne Balcom

SunchildKate on deviantART


Topher Twiggs

Chad Steele and his amazing dog Doctor Zaius (whom we taught to sit on the command "ham")

Key from the band Shinee, for Lilly

Jung-Ha's character (I don't know his name)

Coraly (aka WhiteGaby on deviantART)


Whitney Leopard


Ellen (aka waiting4wings on deviantART)

Sara and her dog Linus

Those are all the portrait requests from December!
Now for January!
New year, new month, new theme:
strange chimeras.

wolf-falcon-snow leopard chimera for Cassie

fox-bat chimera for Alice

peacock-elephant-killer whale chimera for Mairo

and last but not least, a camel-fly-crab chimera for Samantha!

Hope it was worth the wait!

Thank you for your patience and continued reading!

Love you all,
(belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson

p.s. It's time to work on my thesis,
and I've been shelling out all my monies on research material!
I only hope I can find a job soon. @____@
Wish me luck!