Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sketchblog Special Edition 103: A Very Journal Sketchblog

Today is a very special Sketchblog entry.
It is done entirely...
in journal comic format.

Here it comes...

2 A.M.- Heard something fall in room. Woke up to find nothing out of place, then heard the creak of a door somewhere in the apartment. Huddled with katana in middle of dark room.
8 A.M.- Forced self out of bed. Glad I did- got to Skype with Lauren in Japan. Said, "I love you" about a million times to each other. Made Diana puke.

10 A.M.- Battled creeper cockroach while taking a shower. Doused it with water, soap, shower cleaner, and hairspray. It kept coming.
Noon- Talked on phone with Dad....

1:30 P.M.- Got lunch with Heidi.
2:30 P.M.- Got hair chopped off (yes, that's a pixie cut). Realized I left pen back at restaurant.

2:50 P.M.- Got new pens at Publix. They're smooooooooth.
4 P.M.- Cutting fabric for hats...
5 P.M.- Cutting fabric for hats...
6 P.M.- Still cutting fabric for hats...
6:30 P.M.- Dinner break.

7:30 P.M.- More cutting fabric for hats...
9 P.M.- Drew sketches in new sketchbook with new pens. Felt like cutting through butter with a warm knife.

10 P.M.- Drew a Lepuline....
Please submit to the Name The Lepuline Contest....

10:30 P.M.- Drew free sketch of the day for Crash Sprong. Hope you like it!

11 P.M.- Scanned images and updated blog.
Annoyed Tyler online.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoyed the change of pace as much as I did!

Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson

p.s. I REALLY love these pens.


  1. Love the sketch! Especially the pretty faithful recreation of Stephen Colbert on my T-Shirt.

  2. Hehe... glad you like it! And glad you noticed Colbert on there. :3

  3. I wish I could name those lepulines, they're so cute to not have names. ;n;
    (have you tried looking on baby names sites? That might give you an idea, maybe..? )

  4. Jill! You CAN name the Lepulines!
    There's a contest for it!
    You should enter! :3