Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 98: We Ate That Ham

Finally I can say it.
We ate that ham.
We ate it all.
With the help of my friends,
we powered through the delicious honey-brown-sugar-7-Up-baked ham.
And now there is no more.
There is also only a little bit of mac-and-cheese and sweet potatoes left.
Thank goodness.

But only because of my dedicated friends.

Lilly and I went to Roly Poly today for lunch and brainstormed different types of hats,
because I've decided to start making them to sell online.
First I'm going to make a few test hats for family members and friends,
so don't get all antsy just yet.
However, and hopefully, soon I will be confident enough with my sewing abilities
(and will have obtained a decent sewing machine)
to bestow my creations on the rest of the world.

For now, just look at these sketches and tell me what you think:

And of course, your daily dose of Lepulines.
Baby Lepulines, no less.

After eating lunch, Lilly and I went shopping,
and our first stop was Nourish, the soap shop on Broughton St.
They have so many wonderful smelling soaps and body lotions and whatnot,
that it's almost overwhelming.
But one scent imparticular,
Mambo Man,
was absolutely intoxicating.
So much so, that I bought a bar.
Not to use,
To sniff.
Just... to sit around and smell it.
Men, if you want the ladies to go wild,
this soap is it.
This is the ultimate scent to drive a girl crazy.
I'm sitting here smelling the soap right now,
cradling it like a child.
You may think I'm crazy,
but you haven't smelled this soap.
Once you do, you will know.
Oh yes.
You will know.
So order some NOW.

In the meantime, I'm keeping this bar under lock and key,
only taking it out when I have guests of the male gender over,
and hiding my other soap, so they have to use it.
For my female friends, I will take it out so they can smell it too.

After Lilly managed to pull me away from my soap bar,
we went to JoAnn's to buy some hat-making fabric,
as well as tree-skirt making fabric. ;)

Once I shelled out the monies for fabric,
we hustled over to the Chinese Market and bought delicious Asian sweets,
then went back to my house where we played games and ate ham late into the night.
Rob and Rebecca were in town for the weekend, so they joined us,
as well as Lilly, Heidi, and Sam.
After gaming for a bit we went over to Heidi's for some Rock Band/Magic: The Gathering,
and I attempted drumming for the first time.
I wasn't absolutely horrible at it.

I wasn't good at it either.

I think I'll just stick to vocals.

Either way, it was an epic night,
and I'm glad that there are still some people around to hang out with before we have to head back up North for Christmas.

Here's the free sketch of the day,
going to my friend Reed!
This is what happens when you send me ridiculous photos of yourself, Reed.
Hope you like it!

p.s. Heidi says your beard needs more work.

Oh snap.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson


  1. Hahaha! That picture is great!

    P.S. Note to self: let beard grow uncontrollably for two years

  2. w00t! Glad you like it!

    p.s. I'd like to see that. :P

  3. The baby lupulines are even more adorable. ;u; <3