Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 102: Special Appearances

Well, I slept horribly.
Turns out if you take Pepto Bismol and Niquil at the same time,
they cancel each other out.
I got about... 2 hours of actual sleep... at the most.
And I think I may be coming down with something,
which is not good,
because we are going to be traveling next week. D8

So yeah, the day started out not so good,
but in the afternoon,
I got a very pleasant surprise which turned my mood around quickly.

I'll tell you what that is,
but first,
They're too cute not to have names,
so why don't you go ahead and submit a name to the Name The Lepuline Contest?

Soon after Lilly and Vanessa and I returned from our lunch/Urban Outfitters outing,
I got a phone call from two very good friends from college
(who also happen to be married to each other... how convenient),
Will and Maggie,
saying they were going to be passing through Savannah tonight,
and that they wanted to have coffee with Heidi and I!

Imagine my delight!

Not only that, but when I went to meet them,
I ran into another friend, Alec,
whom I have not seen in quite a while.
What a pleasant turn of events. :)

We went to get coffee at The Sentient Bean,
where apparently they were showing some weird Finnish Santa movie.
We then walked to my apartment,
and I gave them a little tour before they had to leave.
Maggie wanted to take my N-Strike Maverick,
but I told her I needed it, so she let me keep it.

When it came time to leave,
hugs were in order,
and I, being very serious about my awkward hugs,
prepared for a both-arms-over-the-shoulder hug with Will,
which is a tricky maneuver,
since Will is something like 20 feet tall (give or take a few inches).
Maggie said she was worried it wasn't going to work out,
but was glad when things turned out okay.
I take my hugs seriously.

Will and Maggie left, and I got back to sketching,
their visit revitalizing me just enough to finish my quota.

This one's for Tyler,
whose latest animation The Girl And The Fox is full of adorable.
Here's the main protagonist, Ilona,
drawing the other main character Baru (the fox).
So cute.

And let's not forget today's free sketch.
It goes to H-Balth on deviantART,
who sent me some fun pictures of herself.
I like your pink highlights, Balth.

Hope you like it!

That's all for today!

Tomorrow is the start of a new sketchbook,
since the current one is all filled up!

the one I'm switching to already has sketches in it from my Constructive Animal Anatomy class,
and it was made for me for my birthday by the wonderful Lilly Lui,
so I guess it's not really "new."
But anyway...

Thanks for reading, as always!

Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson

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