Friday, December 3, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 97: The Day Of A Thousand Cookies

I was under the assumption I would spend all day cooped up in my house,
doing dishes and cleaning my room and organizing things.

Boy was I wrong.
After doing a couple chores I got a message from Heidi beckoning me to her house to make Christmas sugar cookies.
How could I resist?
She was offering me a chance to create,
as well as create something delicious.
On top of that, she was offering a free dinner and a movie out of the deal.
Who can say no to that?
So Lilly and I went over there and helped.
Because... you know... one shouldn't have to make cookies alone.

You will see some results of our escapades below.
But first!

First sketch was inspired by the movie we watched, Sword of the Stranger,
which is a sickeningly beautiful and bloody film.
The animation is awesome and the backgrounds are to die for.
The plot could have used some thickening but it did a lot in a short span of time,
and I applaud it for its efforts.
Either way,
it got me wanting to draw epic sword fights again,
and since I've been drawing one of the few sword-weilding characters I have lately,
I figured... why not?
Here's Tsubasa, in her newly designed form (which I'm still toying with- I may change her name too):

Here you thought you could get through a sketchblog without seeing more cute Lepuline (cat-bunny) sketches.
Tsk tsk.
How foolish of you.
Being over at Heidi's,
I was practically smothered by cats (her cat, Natsu, and her roommate's cat of equal beauty, Ace),
so it was only natural I'd get inspiration to draw kitties in adorable poses.

I also want to take this moment to plug the Name The Cat-Bunny Contest yet again.

I blame Heidi for this next page of sketches.

Today's free sketch is for The-Brade on deviantART!
It's hard to work from a straight-on cranial view of just the shoulders up,
but I made do.
Hope you like it!

And lastly,
the moment you've all been waiting for.


Heidi discovered she had an abnormal amount of unusual cookie cutters in her house.
What started as a Christmas cookie-making party quickly became a contest to see who could make the most bizarre or creative cookie ever.
There was a lot of improvising, molding,
and of course,
love and laughter.

We made a whole series of moustache cookies.
They were fabulous.

I made my very own Chester cookie!

This was only about half of the cookies we made!
(You can see many of our glorious moustache cookies below.)
The final results!
Look at how colorful they are!

We had so many cookies the tin we put them in couldn't hold them all!

Heidi made a sad squid.

There was a plentiful amount of Derpasaurs, mostly made by Lilly.

This octopus was made by Lilly, but the face was painted by me. :D

I made a Derpshark!

Heidi made a yeti, which makes an appearance in one of her comics!

Chester, colored in all his pink glory!

Southern Drawl Cat!

Wallace the fat cat!

A weird Red-Tailed Falcon and a duck, for Tyler.

Oh hey! It's a Lepuline!

Well that's all I have for you today!
I hope you enjoyed it and I hope the pictures didn't make you too hungry.
And if they did,
you know where to get delicious cookies. ;)

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson

p.s. My moped's still having some issues,
though I did manage to get it started enough to drive the two blocks to Heidi's and back again.
Maybe I'll figure out what's wrong with it someday. ^^;


  1. You're cookies came out so bright! XD Looks like fun, I can't wait to make my own Christmas cookies >3>
    I like all the random animals y'all made... the derpshark is great. XD
    The Lepuline is still adorable too.

  2. This is kind of delayed, but - man oh man, you are an awesome cookie maker. You have inspired me. I love the mustache idea!

  3. Hehe... thanks, Ellen! The cookies were fun (and challenging!) to make! I recommend it as a deliciously creative exercise for any artist. ;)