Friday, July 27, 2012

Sketchblog Edition 133: Baby Cuz I'm Crazy For You

 Hey hey hey!
Here's another update just for you, my lovelies!
This is all artwork I did over the course of the past couple Summer months,
so without further ado, enjoy!

A collaborative effort with my boyfriend for a "Get Whale Soon" card for his mom. :3
Father's Day gift for my Dad, featuring the Emowy-bird! <3
An Emowy-bird with her big bird. <3

Birthday present for my man. <3 (so many hearts)
He makes a good pillow.  What can I say?
This song.

Practice on form-building, shading, facial structure, etc.

Oh hey, it's Hawkeye.
Oh hey, it's Korra.
Oh hey, it's Naga.

Babby Hellwyrm

A... bird.... lady person?

That's all for the digital sketches!
I'll try to upload the scans from my sketchbook soon.
There're some good'uns in there. :3

Love you all,
and thanks as always for reading!

Emily J Sampson

Sketchblog Edition 132: We've Got No Money But We've Got Heart

It's been a while, friends!
I'm so sorry to make you wait for so long, but I have a lot to show and share with you!

First announcement:
I finally finished my thesis this Spring!
That means I am officially a Master of Fine Arts in Sequential Art, with a Bachelors in Illustration and Graphic Design.
I'm all ready to start my career out strong, so be prepared, world!
I'm a whole new me!

Which brings me to my next announcement:
Over the last few months, or rather during the course of 2012, I've undergone quite the change.
My whole life is turned upside-down, and in some very good ways.
I'm still loving my job and enjoying the people I work with,
and I'm still staying positive and living life according to the standards I set for myself on New Year's.

I've also broken down and gotten a Tumblr account!
I haven't had much of a chance to update it yet, but I will be gradually switching everything from this sketchblog over to Tumblr and posting more journal-type entries on here and using Tumblr to expose my artwork.
If you want to follow me, you can find me at EJSCreationsArt on Tumblr!

Another big change is my relationship status.
I've found someone I love who loves me in return, and I couldn't be happier!
He's been a constant source of encouragement to me, and supports and respects me in every aspect of my life.

It's amazing how much can change and how much good you can do in your own life just by tweaking your perspective on things a little and keeping a positive, upbeat attitude. :)

All that being said,
I've got a ton of artwork that's just been accumulating on my hard drive since my last updates, so I apologize for the swarm of images, but hopefully you'll enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them!

First off, here are some TAoCKF-related items, in honor of my finished thesis!
These are the character fonts I made for my comic, using the incredibly fast and easy (and free!) online font creator,


Robbie and Ronnie

Here are some self-portrait-type things!

Me and Matt Synowicz in the tune of FLCL.

I turned 27 this past May 27th! 
It was my Golden Birthday, so I figured I'd do a special self-portrait.
It's an Emowy-bird!
Quite cozy and twitterpated in that hat, eh?
An incredible insect called the Lacewing Larvae inspired this image.
Look it up.  It's totally worth it.

Now for some fanart!

Canti from FLCL
The Baron from The Cat Returns

A Derpy Gabumon

A normalish Gabumon

The gang from Land Before Time
A sketch of my friend Lauren Brown's Bat-chan!  So cute!

Now for some collabs!
This is a creature that Lauren Brown and I invented together.  It's called a Woogie!
Rita Yadamec found a gorgeous moth outside work one day and said it was a fairy,
so we each drew our own version of it.  Here's mine!

Here's some other stuff!
A quick sketch of my original character Kenya and her animal familiar Tategami (name pending).
A derpy version of my characters Celica and Eridanus.

A lion.  Inspired by a sketch my mother did for Easter. :3

That's all for this batch!
Next back will be updates from these past couple Summer months!

Love you all,
and thanks for reading,
as always!

Emily J Sampson