Friday, July 27, 2012

Sketchblog Edition 133: Baby Cuz I'm Crazy For You

 Hey hey hey!
Here's another update just for you, my lovelies!
This is all artwork I did over the course of the past couple Summer months,
so without further ado, enjoy!

A collaborative effort with my boyfriend for a "Get Whale Soon" card for his mom. :3
Father's Day gift for my Dad, featuring the Emowy-bird! <3
An Emowy-bird with her big bird. <3

Birthday present for my man. <3 (so many hearts)
He makes a good pillow.  What can I say?
This song.

Practice on form-building, shading, facial structure, etc.

Oh hey, it's Hawkeye.
Oh hey, it's Korra.
Oh hey, it's Naga.

Babby Hellwyrm

A... bird.... lady person?

That's all for the digital sketches!
I'll try to upload the scans from my sketchbook soon.
There're some good'uns in there. :3

Love you all,
and thanks as always for reading!

Emily J Sampson

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