Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 62: The Days Crawl By

I'll be honest-
Today was pretty uneventful.
The bulk of it I spent at home,
trying to keep busy by doing chores around the house.

It wasn't a horrible day, though.
Granted, I felt a little claustrophobic most of the day,
but the nice part was that the entire family (and Liz's boyfriend Jimmy)
were all home and spent time together at the same time,
which is an unfortunately rare occurrence due to all our varied schedules.

A major storm swept through town just before Jimmy got here,
cutting power to all of our neighborhood.
So we picked up Jersey Mike's for dinner and played Zonk! and Guillotine together by lamplight.
Later the power came back on and Dad and I finished watching the Royale Shakespeare Company version of Hamlet,
which we've been digesting in chunks for the past few days.

But enough about me.
Here are the sketches of the day.

First up is the free sketch of the day,
which goes to Warnoon on DeviantART.
He requested Candle Jack from the series Freakazoid!.
Hope you like!

Here I'm just playing around with viewing a pose from different angles.
Trying to keep perspective skills in check,
though it failed on a few levels.
That's what sketching is for, though, right?
It's not meant to be perfect, just meant to keep you moving.

My poor nervous dog inspired this next sketch.
He gets extremely stressed during thunderstorms,
so today was especially rough on him.
After the storm passed he was laying on the floor, exhausted.
Poor guy.

In case you couldn't already tell,
I love creature design.
These are some quick sketches trying to figure out various versions of a creature design I'm probably going to work on soon.
I'm not sure which one I'm going to go with.
Maybe all of them.
(They could all be variations of a species, I suppose.)

Anyway, that's all!
I'm exhausted,
so I'm going to type this quiz for my Dad's Summer School class,
then go to bed.

Thanks for reading!
Love you all, and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

Preview of Tomorrow: Vet Appointment for Tucker and Hobbes, trip to Borders to use a hefty coupon...

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