Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 54-61: Playing Catch-Up, Part 2

As promised, here are the rest of the sketches from the past couple weeks!

Again, I won't blabber about them.
Most of them aren't up to par in my own opinion,
but there are some fun ones,
and it was good to get myself back in the habit of sketching a lot.

There are some creature designs for use in my mythical world of Randomia,
some character sketches from various stories of mine,
and just some random sketches.


This was an image I saw in a dream I had...
A bunny-creature wearing a sort of mini-tux.
Don't ask, cuz I don't know.

Experimenting with wing designs.

Sketch of a turtle while watching news coverage of the oil spill in the gulf.

Motorcycle designs.

I woke up one morning to see strange light patterns on my ceiling above my bed.
I had to draw them.

Derpy Dad.

Derpy Mom.

Derpy Liz.

Drew this while in Church.

On Father's Day, Dad requested I draw an octopus eating a roll from Texas Roadhouse.


Chibi drawing of Hiccup and Toothless being bffs. ^^

Quick sketches of Hobbes, my cat.

Quick sketches of Tucker, my dog.

Attempt at a redesign of my half-elf courier character Haita.

Took Tucker for a walk.
He chased a rabbit.

The following few sketches are experiments in an attempt to observe flight patterns for a person with wings, depending on where the wings are placed on the body.

Emma in a Wedding Dress?

I found a 4-legged spider today.
This "turtle-spider" is inspired by it.


Haita again.

Designs for Haita's SkyWasp vehicle.

Thanks for being so patient as I got everything back in order!
I hope this won't happen again,
so I can keep pumping out sketches for you to enjoy
and keep myself in drawing shape. :)

Love you all,
and have a great night!

Emily J Sampson

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