Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 24: Comparing Freckles

Today was GREAT!

Got up early and went to Clary's to eat a delicious ham and cheese omelet in the company of Lilly Lui!
Then went home and got down to bidness!

Finished cleaning the living room today by moving around some furniture,
shining the floor,
and washing the rugs.
My Rorschach rug faded in the wash. :(

Today was a "redesign an old character" sketch day for me.
This time I picked an old and relatively obscure character from my gallery,
the Pirate Captain Enta.
The first sketch I did was trying to redesign the character without first looking back at the old design.
Ironically, it wasn't that far off.
I think I may end up making the hair shorter though....
I had an idea after taking a nap to give her these sweet tight overall pant things that go up to her torso.
I really like the idea and may run with it.
Trying to figure out more about the character and what makes her work, what looks best on her, etc.
Going through different boot designs.
Still debating whether to keep the striped shirt or not.
Hair down, hair up.
Again, I may shorten the hair a bit.
What do you think?
(On the right sketch, she has a giant hair clip that holds back her bangs,
but the circle underneath it is actually her earring...
I know it looks like they're attached, but they're not.)
All in all, I think the redesigning process is working well for this character.
The original design wasn't extremely weak, if I do say so myself, but it definitely was outdated.

Today's free sketch goes out to Hillary.
She's a huge Wolverine fan, so that's what her request was.
I know I told people not to expect much from my free sketches,
but for some reason I felt really pressured to make this one good.
Perhaps because I was doing it for such a hardcore Wolvie fan.
It could also be the fact that I was intimidated by a stocky masculine superhero character,
the complete opposite of what I normally draw.

I normally think up a pose and draw it with all the raw intensity the concept brings,
but this time I did some brainstorming sketches first.
glad I did.
Even if I did end up picking the first one I drew,
it was still good to see the problems with my other concepts.
Finally, the results of my labours.
Hope you like it, Hillary!
"RAWR. I'm a lumberjack!"

Other happenings of the day:
I broke in a new dress I got from Forever21.
It's purty. :3
Also, my hair is long enough to pull back with the use of a single hair clip.
This is amazing to me, because my hair hasn't been this long in... well, probably 4 years.
I don't know if I should get it cut or not... I rather like having it long, actually.

I excitedly listened to "Sign of Love" by Immi on repeat, since the full version PV debuted this week!
That's definitely one of the best opening songs to any anime series ever!
The song will finally be released on May 19th and I can't wait to get a hold of it!!! :D

Tyler came to help me finish off some pizza and pasta,
as well as get rid of some ice cream to make room in my freezer for the new Special Edition 20% More Edy's Chocolate Ice Cream tub I got yesterday ON SALE at Kroger.
We then played Dr. Mario till the cows came home.
That's when the cows abducted Tyler in a stampede of fury.
It was tragic.
They trampled the newly bloomed flowers out front. :(

Anyway, that's all for tonight!
I'm so excited for family and my friend Heidi to come the week after next, you have NO idea! :D

Thanks for reading, all!
Love you lots!
Goodnight. :)

Emily J Sampson

p.s. No Angry Tyler today because as I was drawing the free sketch of the day, I realized that Wolverine and Angry Tyler are eerily alike.
I think not.
I'm going to have to get myself an Adamantium detector now.

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  1. "I realized that Wolverine and Angry Tyler are eerily alike."

    Odd... I thought he same thing as soon as I saw it...