Monday, May 17, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 25: War of the Derps

And it rained most of the day, so... boo.

Surprisingly, though, it wasn't all that bad a day,
as opposed to most rainy days I experience.
In fact, I'd go so far as to say it was a very good day,
despite the fact that I didn't get out much and only saw a couple of my friends today.

Granted, they were my two best friends at SCAD,
so that might have made the day a bit easier to deal with. :)

It was a fairly unproductive day as far as artwork goes.
However, I got some shopping, cleaning, cooking, and organizing done.
So all in all, I'm not that disappointed.

Like I said, it rained pretty much all day, which started to give me a headache,
but I took some acetaminophen and made it all better.

Today's free sketch goes to my dear friend Diana,
who has an adorable obsession with foxes.
I feel bad, though, because I started the day with the free sketch instead of warm-up sketches, so the first fox I drew turned out kind of crappy.
So, to make up for it, I drew a bonus fox.


Today I decided to redesign more Tsubasa No Negai characters,
starting with the ultimate character and possibly my favorite of any character I've ever created,
You can see more of Him here and here.
The old design isn't necessarily bad,
but it is outdated, and needs tweaking.
One thing I decided was that SeiRei's outfit should be far sleeker and elegant.
Likewise, His mask should be more aerodynamic,
and since its purpose is to hide His eyes so that they don't BURN EVERYONE IN THE VICINITY ALIVE,
there should be no eyeholes... at the most, just very thin slits.
I wanted to make SeiRei even more androgynous,
because I don't really want to pin a gender on Him (even though I keep referring to Him as a male for the sake of things).
Also, since He's the embodiment of the Trinity in one being,
His costume should reflect that.
If there is any decor on his body,
it always comes in threes or has three branches to it.
I really like this updated version.
I think tomorrow I'll draw more of Him and hammer out His outfit even more. :3

Today was another Adventure Time Fiesta with BOTH Tyler and Lilly!
We made Hidden Hot Dogs and Mac & Cheese!
It was the best Adventure Time Fiesta EVER. :D
Look how much fun we had!!!
Awww... poor Angry Tyler can't do the Noodle Arms.
So sad.

That's the last page of my sketchbook!
Starting tomorrow it's gonna be a brand NEW sketchbook!
(Except for the fact that it's an old one I've had laying around for a while....)

Sorry there wasn't much today, but I promise tomorrow will be better!

Thanks for reading,
and as always,
Love you all and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson