Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 22: The Science of Google Search

Ah, Friday.
So nice.

Let's start the sketchblog for Friday, May 14th, by posting the Angry Tyler that was meant for yesterday:
Tyler needs to not poke me on the foot, otherwise he gets the minnow toes.
Mwehehehehe. >:3

It's okay, we're still best friends. :3

Today was kind of interesting in that Lilly and I attended the "Your Future Looks Bright" event put on by SCAD's Arts Administration Dept. and SAC.
At first I thought it was just gonna be some cheesy publicity thing for SCAD, but it was actually quite fun....
Even if I didn't win the $25 gift certificate to Leopold's. >:(

I did pump out this sketch though.
I'm trying to redesign some outdated characters in my gallery.
First up to get a makeover is probably my more well-known character (at least on deviantART), Tsubasa Minezawa.
However, in this redesign she looks a heck of a lot like Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari, so it still needs tweaking.

Today's free sketch goes out to Joanna.
She requested Nightwing, so I made my best attempt.
I figured since he was supposed to be acrobatic and agile, I'd use an acrobat's pose.
Urrr.... This is why I don't do mainstream superhero stuff. :/
Hope you like it anyway, Joanna!

After the craziness of Game Night died down, I still had one more sketch to do.
One theme of the night was definitely Beyoncé's "All the Single Ladies,"
and since my new boots just came in today,
I decided to draw a Derpy Emma in Single Ladies attire.


Well, that's all for tonight.
Sorry this one is late.
(Game Night ran a tad overtime tonight. :P)

Thanks for reading!
Love you all, and have a great night and an exquisite weekend!

Emily J Sampson


  1. Aww, thanks. He's so cute, kicking the shit out of that water.

  2. Haha glad you like it! It's actually supposed to be blood from some unseen enemy he just kicked in the face, but water works too. ^^;