Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 26: Attempted Smothering

Today was a happy day.
I had a somewhat restless sleep but was able to keep my mood positive throughout the morning and get some work done during classes.
Chloe showed me the site Oddly Specific, which brought many a tear of joy to my eye and kept me going for the rest of the day.
I also ate a bagel with cream cheese this morning.

After class, Lilly, Chloe and I went to Ex Libris to order the frames for our Thesis Show, then we all went out to eat at Papillote.
The Chocolate Mousse there is FANTASTIC.

The rest of the day I mostly spent working on files for my website,
composing instructions for the site gallery setup,
and finalizing my Birthday List for my sister (since she keeps hounding me for it).
I also took a very nice nap.
It was a delight.

Then I got hungry.
While I was napping Lilly got hungry so she went ahead and ate.
I don't blame her... I was out for a long time. D8

However, Tyler was up for an adventure so we went and got some takeout,
much to Tyler's stomach's dismay.
Ironic... my stomach handled it just fine.

The rest of the evening was spent sketching at Tyler's place.
He was kind enough to scan my images for me,
since it was drawing close to midnight and he had abducted me and is now holding me captive in his house.

Please someone help me.
He tried to suffocate me with a blanket.
It didn't work, fortunately.
It was too porous.
But who knows when he may try it again.

Today's free sketch goes to Coraly,
who requested Clare from Claymore.
I'd never seen the series, but I've definitely heard a lot about it,
and I've been meaning to watch it,
so this sketch really got me pumped for it.
I like how this turned out, especially her hand.
That's a nice hand.
*nods slowly*

I promised more SeiRei sketches, and I deliver.
More concept developments for His design...

...Though I ran into a few snags along the way.

Well, that's really all I have today.

Graham Slams are delicious.
Maybe one day you'll have the good fortune of finding out what they are.

Thanks for reading!
Love you all,
and have a great night!

Emily J Sampson

Please, someone help me.
I see the bloodlust in his eyes.
Get me out of here, quick!

Just kidding.


  1. You being all snuggled up and comfy on the futon while I work my butt off over here does not suggest any danger to me!

  2. I was only in a deep sleep because you drugged my milk!