Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sketchblog 16: Supple Underbelly???

What a pleasant day!

I awoke at the crack of 10 and rolled around my room in my pajamas for a while before getting ready and going to lunch with Lilly at Mellow Mushroom,
where I was disappointed to find out that they don't serve single slices of pizza on weekends.
So I just ordered a delicious pepperoni calzone.

While we waited, I drew this bird-mouse thing.
I think I'm going to toss it in with the rest of the odd creature designs I've made for my world of Randomia.
It's a cross between a thrush and one of those funny little hopping mice from Australia.
I may create more breeds of this species. :3

The waitress for the table next to us seemed to be having a bad day.
She kept breaking glasses and spilling beer all over the table and floor, and even on this Marine's uniform!
I felt really bad for her. :(

When our food finally came, I dug into it with great fervor.
It was still very hot, so the cheese was in an absolute perfect state of melty gooeyness.

When I got home I felt the great urge to do more sketches, and postponed my after-lunch nap in favor of drawing.
What started as an experiment in positive and negative space using a photo of myself for reference, quickly (and accidentally) turned into a self-portrait.
(Though my lips are definitely not that dark or full, and my nose is a little bigger than that. ><)

I finally got around to taking a very heavy nap before being whisked off to Blowin' Smoke BBQ for dinner with Tyler and his sister.
Our waiter kind of made me uncomfortable, not because of the giant solid black tattoo on his left arm (which I promptly labeled "The Black Arm of Doom"), but mostly because of his awkward behavior and long pauses at our table.
He also wouldn't shut up when he served us our food... kept asking us questions when I was trying to dig in.
I don't mind friendly waiters or waitresses, but when you stand in between me and a full belly, you'd better know there's gonna be trouble!
He also made a weird statement when we asked for straws.
I couldn't tell if he was being serious or trying to be funny....

After dinner, we embarked to Primary, which we found to be closed upon arrival,
so we defaulted to Leopold's instead for some delicious ice cream.
We then returned to my house to pick up my Criterion Edition Royal Tennenbaums,
and sped off to Tyler's to watch it.
While the movie was playing, I took the opportunity to do more sketching.

Today's free sketch goes out to my good friend Alexandra,
who requested "this girl" (apparently she has no name yet? *shrug*).
I have to say I really enjoyed this one.
It was definitely something different.
The face is my favorite thing about this sketch. ^^

Tyler was trying to draw a rat, and so I took a stab at it.
He didn't approve of my rat.
Said it was "just a rat."
Guess I made it too adorable for Angry Tyler's tastes.

that's all for tonight!

Thanks again for reading!
Love you all, sleep tight, and have a great rest of the weekend!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. Alysha, you're amazing!


  1. I like your chibi humorous characters the best. I would love to see a comic called Angry Tyler, about a boy who is always angry. and or possibly a children's book, where tyler learns a valuable lesson about anger.

  2. I love the drawing you did of my character <3 your awesome emma!

  3. @Rebecca: haha maybe I'll make that into a minicomic.

    @Sunshine: thanks! it was fun to draw! :)