Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 14: Girl Logic

I think my brain gradually died as the day progressed.
You'll be able to tell this as well, when you examine the deterioration of the sketch quality and content below....

I woke up with that horrendous stomachache making a comeback after I tried to drown it with Pepto Bismol the night prior.
It was so terrible, I decided to email my prof to tell him I wasn't coming to either of his classes this morning, and instead passed out and slept for another 3 hours, which helped.

When I woke back up, I ate a cookie, then met Lilly for lunch at Papillote.
Afterward, we went pen-shopping to replace my unfortunately dying favorite pen (whose last breath is recorded below in the upper right hand corner in the form of a derp face).
She helped me test pens in my sketchbook, and I was finally able to find a suitable replacement.
It's not blue like I wanted, but it sure does make some delicious solid blacks.

Once I got it home, I broke it in by doing some warm-up sketches of big cats from the wonderful book of the same title.
This cat was really hard to draw for some reason, and the anatomy on it is all wonky, but it's actually not all that far off from the photo.
It just has really weird meaty arms. D8
Cat mouths are really hard to draw. D8

Later, Tyler and his visiting sister, Alysha, and I went to Juar├ęz for some burritos (at last!).
While waiting for the food, I drew more Southern Drawl Cat.

Alysha is a wonderful and quite enjoyable person indeed.
She discussed on the car ride home the science of cookie acquisition, and whether it is better to make your own or to simply go out and buy some.

This produced for some interesting psychological points.
Now Angry Tyler has a good reason to be angry.
Silly Tyler.
Don't you know you'll never understand the brain of a woman?

Upon my return home, my stomach began to argue with me about the food I had just eaten.
Not wanting a repeat of yesterday, I decided to take necessary measures and let it know who's boss.

With my newfound domination over my enemy, I had the confidence and energy I needed to draw today's free sketch, which goes out to my good friend and classmate Ian.
Now, Ian, you must understand, had requested a portrait of himself "sloppily making out" with his frog detective character Frank, but I decided that was a bit much.
However, not wanting to disappoint him on his Quarter-of-a-Century birthday, I met him halfway.
Happy Birthday, Ian!

Now that that's out of the way,
I and my friends Lilly and Vanessa are about to embark on a journey to see the midnight showing of Iron Man 2.
So I will leave you with this final sketch of Derpy Iron Man.


(It's a good thing I have all this pent-up energy, or I'd never be able to last through the movie!)

Thanks for reading, as always!
Love you all, and have a great night and an awesome Friday tomorrow!

Emily J Sampson

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