Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 20: Egg Rolls and Pens

Today started out okay...
Then quickly got frustrating.

But then I told myself,
"You're taking everything too seriously again.
Don't listen to what anyone says or thinks of you.
You are you and you can't help that.
If you care too much, then you'll just have to live with it."

From now on I've resolved to just relax and enjoy my life.
I've tried too hard to please everyone,
and now I realize how big a mistake that was.

So long as I have a few loyal close friends who listen to me and understand me,
and so long as I have my faith and love,
I'll be okay. :)

After finally getting myself into a good mood, I filled the time waiting for lunch with Lilly by catching up on the free requests.

First up is for Tyler (this was supposed to be yesterday).
He requested a couple things at first, but couldn't follow directions, so I refused his first two suggestions.
Finally he came up with this:
Angry Tyler losing to Emma at Dr. Mario.
This is acceptable,
and it's funny because it's true. :P

Thanks, Tyler.

Today's free sketch goes out to Rob, one of the most epic things in history.
So imagine how epic it is to see him riding a bear riding a ninja riding a dragon riding a unicorn.
Pretty darn epic.
This will perhaps be eventually fully rendered out and/or made into a t-shirt.

Lilly finally got out of her teaching internship and around 3:30 we went to Loco's for delicious wings.
There, for the first time in... maybe a couple months... I was able to overcome my bad luck with the straw wrapper game.
It was a very happy moment. :3

Later, Lilly and I would meet up with Rebecca and Rob to go to Sushi Time Towa.
Upon entering the establishment, I immediately knew something was horribly wrong.
There was an entire pack of Justin Bieber wannabes, with their Bieber-dos, sitting at the first table in the restaurant.
It was horrifying.
This child must be stopped!

I want to take a moment to say how wonderfully liberating and relieving it is to have dedicated friends who understand and listen to you.
It's such a load off when I can just vent to them and tell them my feelings without the fear of losing them as friends.
I feel much better after letting off all the steam I've built up over the past few months by keeping my feelings to myself.
Turns out that was what was causing all this pain the whole time.
So thank you to those friends that let me act like an idiot for a little bit and didn't turn away.
I don't know what I'd do without you. :)

Here's some listening music for the next image.
Ah... freedom... It's so exhilarating.

Another exciting thing that happened to me today was the long-awaited unveiling of Steam for the Mac.
To add to it, they've made available Portal for FREE until the 24th!
You can imagine my glee upon hearing this.
Now I can play one of my favorite games ever right on my loyal little MacBook (named Daisuki-Chan).
I still want to get a PS3 though... It's more fun to play on the big screen. :P)

I've been extremely bouncy today for one very big reason:
My family and my friend Heidi are all coming to visit very soon.
I can't wait to see my Mom and Dad and go shopping with my sister, and show Heidi around the Sequential Art Department.
I want so badly to introduce them to my friends and each time I think about it, I get more and more excited.
My family comes down on my birthday.
Heidi comes down the day after.

I started thinking about it more and more, and I began to realize one thing....
If it wasn't for Heidi, I don't think I'd be getting my MFA in Sequential Art here at SCAD.
It's true.
She was the one that got me addicted to anime and manga.
She was the one that opened me up to the idea of making my own comics.
She introduced me to deviantART, Copic markers, drawing on cardstock, and she even took me to cons and helped me cosplay.
Without her, I really would never have thought about going into the comics business, and I wouldn't have developed the style that defines me today.
So, Heidi,
from the bottom of my heart,
thank you for pushing me to where I am today. :)
I can't wait to see you!

Thanks everyone for reading!
Love you all, and have a great night and a pleasant tomorrow!

Emily J Sampson

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