Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 9: Hush Hush

Today was...

I woke up way later than I should have, or wanted to.
I was exhausted from the late night last night, so I slept through most of my alarms.
The remainder of the morning was spent checking emails and sitting there staring blankly at my computer screen, trying to figure out things.
I tried to get into my artwork, but my drive just wasn't there.

Lunch was extremely delayed, and by the time Lilly and I did eat, it was mid-afternoon already.

At T-Rex Mex, I drew this Shishi Foo Dog.
It was from memory, so it looks really wonky and I don't really like it, but at least I tried.
I always liked Foo Dogs.
They intrigue me.
I want to own a little one to put in my room.

While waiting for our food, I saw this guy sitting at the bar.
He had extremely intriguing features (actually, he was pretty attractive because of those unusual features), so I decided to sketch him really quickly.
The first sketch is the upper left-hand one, done in a semi-realism style.
Then I decided to try sketching him in my more cartoony style (done typically for TAoCKF) below that.
Next I drew him in a more "animeish" style (upper right), which I really don't like at all... his features didn't translate well into the style and the eye is too big (yeah, a lot of anime eyes are big, but don't get me started on that subject).
Directly below that one is the simplified comic style (also for TAoCKF for when I'm attempting a humorous moment), which I've nicknamed the "derp" style.
I like that last one. :3

After eating, I immediately felt sleepy, so Lilly dropped me off at home and I promptly passed out on my bed for a nap (again).
I slept much longer than I intended to, and around 5:30 I found myself struggling to just sit up.
I must have slept with my arm in a strange position because it was all numb and tingly, and my legs felt like two heavy slow things.
The rest of the afternoon/early evening I felt so incredibly drowsy that I could hardly get anything done aside from more sketching.
So here's my handiwork.

Practicing drawing Southern Drawl Cat and trying to get down a definitive style.
(Reference taken from here, because, as we all know, the best place to find cats is on the internet.)

This next batch is a little weirder.
I was trying a more simplified cartoony stylistic approach, but was failing epically towards the end.
The last few ended up looking like dogs or foxes. BAH. ><

Oh, and since it's May 1st, that means I'm starting my free sketch month!
First up is Zeta, Holly's centaur character.
I was sleepy when I drew him, so I drew him yawning as well. :3
(I've come to the realization that I can't draw hooves for beans... or horse ears for that matter. Add that to my list of things to practice drawing.)
Thanks for the request, Holly!
It was fun to draw another one of your characters after so long! ^^

Man, I still feel like this wasn't enough good stuff for you all to look at.
Hence, I am making it up to you all with a bonus FULL PAGE of Angry Tyler sketches.
I call this batch, "Moments at The Atlanta Bread Company."

Lol floppy pickle wars.

I tried to get more work done today.
I really did.
But man, was I exhausted.
I think my body is pooping out on me... maybe it's because we only got one week off between Winter and Spring quarters.
I hear they're changing that now though, so that's good for future students.

On a final note, when I got home tonight, it seemed that my upstairs neighbors were throwing a crazy party, which I did not mind at all.
I couldn't even hear their music from my room (much to my surprise, since it was so loud in the living room).
However, I guess other neighbors complained about the noise, and pretty soon after I got home a cop rang our lower apartment (our apartment) doorbell, so I was the one who had to answer it.
I had to let the cop in, and he immediately went upstairs to confront the girls in charge.
I heard some banging, the noise cut out soon after that, the front door open and close, and then some more banging and stomping.
Then I heard a knock on my door.
It was the upstairs neighbor being very VERY nice and inviting me to their party because they thought my roommates and I were "soooooo cool" at the last party they threw (even though I never actually went to it).
I politely declined, saying I had work to do, and she turned to leave, but then stopped and turned back to me and smiled.
"Oh, and if we're being too LOUD, just let us know. We don't want to BOTHER you."

It suddenly clicked with me why she was suddenly for the first time ever talking to me and inviting me to her party.
She thought I was the one who had called the cops.
I felt kind of bad.
I explained that I didn't even hear the noise from my room (because it's true- I didn't), but I think she still thinks I did it.
Oh well... not much I can do about that. :/

Makes me kind of wish I had gotten to know the girls upstairs a little more in my time living here.
However, I'm not letting it get to me.
I'll just learn from the experience and be more sociable with those around me.

Live and learn, folks.
That's what life's about.

Thanks for reading tonight!

I love you all!

Have a great day tomorrow/today! ^^

Emily J Sampson

p.s. Ghirardelli brownies = yum. That is all.


  1. Fffff~ I love looking at your blog so much. Such creative fun drawings. And omgyay Zeta xD

  2. Thanks, Holly! Glad you like it! :)