Friday, May 7, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 15: Wow, That Guy Is Really 'Catching The Fly'

I'll be frank.
Today wasn't my best day.
It wasn't quite my worst, but it definitely ranked among the most terrible of the year.

I only got out for about ten minutes during the day to run a couple errands.
The highlight of the daylight hours was finding out that Coke was on sale at Kroger. =___=

The rest of the daytime was just... depressing.
I didn't sketch much because I was going through all these crazy emotions, but I did do one great long-winded sketch for today's free sketch.

This one goes out to Cara on deviantART.
She requested I draw any one of her characters, so I opted for the female character Hannah, since that provided for some very strong imagery in my head.
I spent probably about an hour on it. O_O
It was good for letting off a lot of steam, though, so I'm really happy with it.
It didn't turn out half-bad, in my opinion.
It definitely makes up for the lack of quantity this time around.
(Amazing what you can do with ballpoint pen, isn't it?
Oh, and ignore that smudge on the bottom of the page... I just realized a problem with the new pen: it picks up fuzz and clogs easily. ><)

I was still feeling stressed and anxious and extremely lonely today.
All these thoughts were running through my head, and were just making me feel more depressed and nervous.
Worst thing about it was that I couldn't accurately talk about it to other people, and even when I did, there were still some things I couldn't get over.
It was still good to get all the emotions and feelings out of me to my friends though.
After a tiresome day, I was really looking forward to Game Night.
However, yet another snag came across my path.
Almost everyone canceled.

Except for my friend Alec.
He came and rescued me from my depressed state and whisked me off to the bowling alley,
where I bowled my first 100 in ages.
I was actually beating him by the 10th frame, but when he bowled his last frame, somehow he jumped from 68 to 107.
So not fair. :P
After our game was over, they started up "Extreme Bowling," which was more expensive and lasted for 3 hours.
We decided it was much too "Extreme" for our tastes, and opted to go to Leopold's for delicious ice cream.

There, we ran across Lilly and Vanessa (who were right ahead of us in line... freaky).
We all grabbed a table together and Alec started acting all crazy, and things just got out of hand fast.
I think there was crack or boom or pow or something in the ice cream. XD

Long story short, I still have excellent friends who I know would help me out of a pinch if I ever needed them,
and I learned the valuable lesson that any bad day can be easily fixed in the span of a couple hours if you just take a leap of faith. :)

Thanks to those who helped me through the day,
and those who sent me loving messages on facebook and twitter.

Thanks to my valuable and devoted readers.

I love you all, and hope you have a great weekend and get all rested up and have loads of fun with friends or family or whomever you so deem worthy of your presence. ;)


Emily J Sampson

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  1. Aaaaaah, thank you! That's so awesome. No, epic! XDDDD

    And I'm glad that you managed to get some stress-relief out of it, too. ^^; Sounds like you had a tough day...

    Now to show everyone the sketch. *cackles evilly* >:D