Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 31: Love Conquers All

What an interesting day.
(Then again, it seems that lately I've been having nothing but interesting days.)

I awoke early to go with Lilly to OfficeMax to print images for our Grad Thesis Show,
only to find that the line was literally 3 and a half hours long.
While we were waiting, I decided to do some sketching.
(Hey... I had nothing better to do.)

I started by doing some more Tsubasa No Negai redesigns.
This time, it's Michael's turn.
(I've since changed his name from Maikeru to Michael to make the story more relatable.)
Michael seems to be the hardest to redesign so far.
I like aspects of his Angelic form, but it definitely has a long ways to go.
His human form also needs a lot of work.
I need to find a way to keep his powerful angelic visage while still appearing human.
I may widen his eyes a bit, but that may make him more "innocent."
Lots to think about.
His clothes DEFINITELY need a redesign.
They're not working right now.
And what to do with that hair of his....

Lilly and I discussed many things,
including making a Duncan plushie.
If I have time during the Summer,
it's going to happen.
Here's a concept sketch for it.
After we finally got through the line and got our things printed,
we headed off to do fooding at Moe's.
Unfortunately, this did not sit well with my stomach.
I quickly recovered after going home and resting up, however,
and got right back down to business.

I ran plenty of errands and got lots of work done.
It was quite the productive afternoon/evening, if I do say so myself.
However, that lonely anxiety started creeping in again and I began worrying that I had driven another friend away,
but after some deep breathing and focusing on work,
with the help of the Scissor Sisters and some energetic room-dancing,
I was able to overcome it before it got too bad.

The thunderstorm outside was raging,
but my spirits were high.

So I used that energy to draw today's free sketch request.
This goes to Nikki, who has been very kind to me even though we've never actually met in real life.
She's a sweetheart, and I was delighted to do this sketch for her.
She asked for the most adorable thing ever:
A squirrel in love with a fish.
Ah, two star-crossed lovers,
a tale as old as time itself.
Squirrels and fish, separated by air and water.
But love finds a way.


That's all for today!
It's been quite the full day indeed.

Good luck and all my prayers go out to those students and professors feverishly preparing for finals week!

Thanks for reading!
Love you all, and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson


  1. OMG!! Thanks so much Emily..I am actually short of words to define, how I feel at the moment :) It is beautifully done...really and as always, I like the way you write...Lovvvve it, in fact. Lots of Love and take it from me...though I am no one great but for are an EPIC! ;)