Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 34: Day of the Digimon

You read that right!

My good friend Andy Mai requested I draw "DIGIMON!!!" today.
He didn't say which one, or how many,
so I went with it full force!

The official free sketch is Renamon, who is by far one of the coolest Digimon out there!
I did this from memory, so her design is a bit out of whack, but it's close enough. XD
She's so awesome.

Tyler helped my sketches along with a... um......
I'm not sure what that is, but it looks like a Trekkie alien picking its nose,
so we'll go with that.
Thanks, Tyler.

I decided to also draw my all-time favorite Digimon,
Yet another female Digimon (at least in the anime she is, and since that's what I've got pictured here- you can tell by the scarf around her neck- that's which version it is :P).

I didn't want to draw all copyrighted characters, so I went back to my roots...
In High School I'd constantly be creating my own Digimon.
I know, I'm a nerd, but let's face it... any Digimon fan did the same thing.

So, what I decided to do for today's remaining sketches,
was to recreate my character SeiRei as a Digimon!
SeiRei already resembles a Digimon, so I just went through all the digivolutions and created new breeds.

The "Fresh" or hatchling Digimon form of SeiRei would probably be called Kaemon,
In-Training: Hinamon,
Rookie: Trimon,
Champion: Sanmon,
Ultimate: Aunmon,
Mega: Seireimon

That's right.
I'm a nerd.

As for my actual day, it was pretty productive.
I did some thumbnails for TAoCKF and then went to Norris to finish framing my pieces for the show tomorrow.

Tim worked some more on my website, and it's really coming together.
Tomorrow there should be some stuff in the galleries, so keep an eye out! ;)

Later in the day, Tyler and Lilly and I went to Loco's for some delicious foodstuffs.

Then, Tyler joined me in delighting in some delicious leftover ice cream cake and some Dr. Mario.

That's about it for the day!
Yup.... :B

Thanks for reading!
Love you all and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. Tomorrow... it's totally on.

I will be 25.

Though by the time you'll be reading this it's already happened.
Today my family comes, my thesis show occurs, and classes officially END.
I is are excited, yes indeed.

my roommate Susannah just gave me my first birthday present.
This is the best thing in the history of today.
Thanks, Susannah!!!!
Herpy Birfday to me!!!! :B

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