Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 28: From Limber to Pachyderms

Wait, no.

Oh, I don't know.

It was actually a good day, for getting up at 6:30 (less than 4 hours of sleep),
going to an 8:00 class, backed by an 11:00 class, and getting almost nothing done that I intended to get done. XD

As a (mostly) class, including our professor, we got ice cream between our 8 AM and 11 AM.
It was delicious.

I went through all my artwork from the past few years and picked which ones I want to put on my website, as well as ordered them.
Now all that's left to do is resize them and save the thumbnails, then write out the captions.

After class, Lilly and I went to Back In The Day to split a Super Chicken sandwich,
where I brainstormed this little fellow:

You have no idea how much I really want to make this thing!
It's like a Munny- fully paintable and customizable,
but doubles as a speaker for your mp3 player or cell phone!
(I brainstormed other options too, like a pencil sharpener or a keychain light,
but for now it's just a minispeaker that holds your mp3 player/phone and plays the music.)
I think it's a brilliant little thing, and I'm really loving how the design is turning out.
I want to make one- even if it's not a working model.

Today I promised more redesigns from Tsubasa No Negai, and I deliver.
I'm in the process of redesigning Tsubasa's sword,
which will no longer be summoned with the use of a necklace charm,
but rather will be materialized from thin air on command.
The old design isn't horrible.
I still like the idea of the double-bladed sword.
However, it really needs to look more elegant.

I'm still not hitting the mark, but it's getting there.
These are just the initial stages of the redesign,
so I'm not too disappointed it's not turning out how I want.
I have plenty of time to rework it however I want,
as I'm probably not going to be anywhere close to getting around to this story anytime soon.
(As you can see, I'm not all that great with technical designs.)
This design for the tip of the sword looks too much like bat wings,
so I think I'm going to throw it out.
I need to get back to basics and design a simple base first.
Maybe I'll try starting from the old design.
Recognizing that it was going in a direction that I didn't want to go in at the moment,
I set aside the sword designing and moved on to Tsubasa's wing designs.
Previously, she had very simple and somewhat frazzled brownish-red wings.
I have always toyed with the idea of wings made of shafts of light that are more like tentacles than anything, but I don't think that's the direction I'll take this time.
I also may redesign the mask.
It seems too bulky, and I want to see more of Tsubasa's face and eyes.
That will come next time.

Here I have more traditional wing designs.
They're more like mops than wings, but, like I said, I'm patient with this project,
so I'm not that frustrated that it's not turning out just right.
The lower design is getting there, however.

Today's sketch assignment was requested by someone who has very generously commissioned me a couple times, Ryan,
and this time he asked me to do something for his friend.
This is his friend's character, Shun-Yu, who is a jiangshi.
I have always loved the fascinating origin story and mythology behind jiangshi (Chinese zombies),
and have secretly wanted to design my own jiangshi character,
especially after watching Yozakura Quartet,
so this was really fun to do.
I love how it came out, though I should have referenced the facial expression to get it more accurate to how I imagined it.
Still, this was so enjoyable!
Thanks for the request, and I hope you like it, Ryan!

Today was good for sketches, mostly because I felt motivated to do them,
and got a lot of inspiration flooding in.
I went to my first CAS (Contemporary Animation Society) meeting, even though I'm not an Animation major.
Because, Tyson Hesse, who created the webcomic Boxer Hockey,
was talking at CAS tonight.
It was a fantastic discussion too!
It really got me pumped for my own webcomic,
so hopefully this summer I'll be pumping out more TAoCKF pages! :)

After CAS, Tyler and I went to pick up some dinner.
Not much was open at 10 at night, so we took a huge risk on my stomach and went to Taco Bell.
It was the first time I had eaten any sort of fast food in... possibly months.
It was definitely the first time I'd eaten Taco Bell in the last year or more.
I was apprehensive, but quickly gobbled up the delicious Crunch Wrap Supreme and so far have felt no repercussions.
*Fist pump.*
I think my nervous stomach is finally settling down. :)
Maybe I'll try Juarez again later this Summer. XD

Well, that's all I got for you today!
I am SO excited!
I bought an extra set of sheets and pillows for when my sister and Heidi stay at my house. :)

I also splurged and bought a few things for my house and myself at Target,
including a retro kitchen clock to match my decor, and the Monopoly game.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Love you all and stay awesome!

Emily J Sampson

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