Monday, May 10, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 18: Losing What I've Worked Toward

Though I normally like Mondays,
and while this is not the worst day I've had by far,
it definitely wasn't a good start to my week.

I woke up early to hand over my moped to the Vespa shop guys to fix, and they called me around noon to tell me it was $160 worth of damage.
Sadly, they only told me how much it was going to cost AFTER they had already made the repairs.
That's okay, though.
I would have paid to get it fixed anyway.
It's my only mode of freedom, after all.

After getting the moped back, I went ahead and filed a report with the police to be on the safe side.
The officer was very kind and understanding as I fumbled through the paperwork.
He then wished me luck and went on his way.

I was still flustered from my anxiety attacks yesterday, so I decided to do some warm-up sketches of Secretarybirds from my birds of prey books.
They're quickly becoming one of my favorite birds ever.
They're so elegant, yet so dangerous.

I may have already mentioned this, but I'm basing the design of one of the characters in my new "Plague Doctors" story on a secretarybird.
Below you'll see various designs for his facial structure, hair, etc.
I'm leaning more toward the first one with a combination of the front hairstyling of the second one.
What do you all think?

Usually Tyler and I watch Adventure Time on Mondays, but for various reasons it fell through today. :(
I was really looking forward to eating cinnamon rolls with him and his sister too, but what can you do?

Lilly kept me company instead, and we ate some of the daifuku mochi I've been stockpiling in my freezer.
After the show was over, Lilly must have gotten a little listless, and while I wasn't looking (busy ordering these black leather boots online), she started playing with my Rubik's Cube.

Total devastation.
That's okay though.
Lilly's permitted to mess a few of my things up after all I've put her through.

I started thinking about it, though, and, like my Rubik's Cube,
I can't shake the feeling that I'm about to lose everything I've been working toward in my life.
I tried to talk to a few people about this, but I'm not sure I fully conveyed the emotion I'm going through to them, or the severity of the situation.
I'm sure if they could feel the same things I'm feeling, they would be a little more understanding, so I feel obliged to forgive them.

I've placed my trust in certain things, and told secrets to certain persons,
and I feel like that act of faith is being taken for granted.

I'm trying to deal with the emotions I'm going through, but it's increasingly difficult when some of my closest friends don't seem to be there when I need them most.

I don't mean to rant on here, because that's not what this is for.
You came to see sketches, so here are some sketches.

Today's free sketch was requested by The Bears of Blue River.
They gave me the task of listening to their music, and drawing whatever came to mind.
As I previewed all the songs to get pumped up for the assignment, I realized that the one I was gathering more emotion and mental imagery from was their song "Crayola."
So here's the result of playing it on repeat:

Hope you guys like it!

I try to end all my sketchblogs on a positive note,
so I want to take a moment to thank everyone that's been sending me notes on facebook, shooting me words of encouragement via comments on fb and deviantART, or generally just being kind to me throughout this whole emotional roller-coaster I've been experiencing.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart,
for being there when I need it the most,
and letting me know I'm still cared for and thought about.

Thanks for reading!
Love you all, and sleep tight!
Have a great week!

Emily J Sampson

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