Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sketchblog Edition 109: Gingerbreading

Leave it to Comics Art Forum to get me pumped about art again!

What a crazy couple of weeks!

Let's start this sketchblog with a sketch request from Tyler.
A cactus in a speedo.

This is a true story of an event which occurred in Byte Café,
which still delights Nate every time it comes up again in conversation.
Poor unfortunate man...
all he wanted was a packet of mayonnaise.

Ever get that urge to draw something you see in your head?
Does that urge ever come to you at a quarter to 5 in the morning when you're just getting around to getting to bed after a long day of working on commissions?
Because that happens to me all the time....

The cutesy girl character makes another appearance on this page from Phil Craven's workshop at CAF.
There are also some TAoCKF sketches in there,
including a new character (who doesn't make an appearance until much later),
and a gender-bended version of Chester. :3
There is also a Moofin bird,
which is from a story my dear friend Maggie wrote for my Randomia universe.
There are also some other random derpy sketches.

The second workshop I sat in on was Kristian Donaldson's.
He showed us how to use Google SketchUp to set up a scene for your comics.

After that, Lilly and I grabbed some lunch from Papillote,
where this happened:
I was thrilled, obviously.
So I promised I'd make more sketches and some better pictures so Ann could use one as her profile picture. :P

After lunch we returned to Norris for a group portfolio review with Phil Craven.
He thought this was the best piece of my portfolio out of the bunch. :3

Later, I napped, and had Inception-like dreams within dreams.
It took a lot out of me but eventually I woke up and met up with Nate and Lauren Duda at Mellow Mushroom and had some delicious pretzels.
They managed to convince me to return to Monty with them,
where the subject of gender-bending came up.
I showed them the gender-bended me that Tyler drew ages ago when we went to Macaroni Grill...

...Which had led me to draw a gender-bended version of him....

...Which in turn inspired my friends to request gender-bended versions of people we know.

So here's the first batch of many more to come!

First off, Nate:

Next, Lane:

And then Lauren Duda:

Here's Grant:

Nate requested an alternate version of himself, with nicer hair and no glasses:

My dear friend Jenny Plyler:

An angry Drewseph:

And finally, my Lauren:

That was a splendid conclusion to the day,
as Monty seems to consistently be providing lately.

If that's not enough for you,
since I don't have a free sketch request for you today,
here's a page of guest sketches,
by Tyler, Lauren Duda, Lane, Nate, Stephanie Wang, Grant, and Daniel Woodling.

That's all for tonight!

Thanks as always for reading!
Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson


  1. BEST. POST. EVAR. I am in lovvvveeee with everything about this. Even me. As Leroy. (even though a janitor in my elementary would always call me Lawrence) Why am I Levi!?

  2. Hahaha! I'm glad you caught on that it was based on Levi. XD