Monday, February 7, 2011

Sketchblog Edition 105: Forward Motion Sickness

That's right, folks.

Took me long enough, yes,
but it's here,
and that's what matters.

I can't even begin to tell you how crazy these last couple months have been.
When was my last upload?
I don't even remember.

But in the past month and a half,
I've gotten 4 commissions,
applied to Pixar,
started a series of storyboards to put in my portfolio
(which I will post here when they're done),
been recruited as an ink and painter, concept artist, voice actress, and merchandiser for my friend Nate's film Rain Dance,
had my moped stolen,
had my moped found,
had my moped fixed for much money,
gotten only a little headway on my thesis,
and spent many grueling hours in the animation building with some really awesome people.
Oh yeah, and I'm buying a computer and Cintiq eventually, maybe.
If you want to help me afford this Cintiq without having to move back home,
you can commission me or buy my stuff!

That being said,
here are the sketches from...


Got an idea for a new story...
Trying to figure it out.
The main character owns a werepug.

I made a penguin hat for Monika.
She loves it.
I will post the pictures of everyone in their hats soon.
(Hats are also available for commission!)

There was a day in which two of my favorite gentlemen were quite sad at the same time.
So this happened....
I wish.
My favorite part is the skipping.

The free sketch theme for January, in case you forgot, was Chimeras.
I really enjoyed it and was sad to see it go so quickly,
so I may do a sequel of it next month.
Be thinking of what you want! :)

cat-unicorn-bluebird for Eldaglass

gorilla-spider-kiwi for oepn

Flish, a combination of a fish and a bird, for Sharra.

pig-cat-penguin for dead2

moose-kangaroo-jellyfish-sheep (my personal fave of the bunch) for Elaine
I want to draw him more..... O___O

Jen requested a Derpshark-horse. :)

parrot-narwhal-badger for theartboss

My totally awesome roommate Lauren requested a Secretarybird (one of my favorite birds EVER) combined with an octopus and an elephant. Quite the challenge.
The elephant is in there, believe me.

Here's another one for Jen Hochman, simply because she's so awesome.
She wanted a cat-dragon.
It was hard to make it look NOT like Toothless, but here it is anyway.

That's it for January!
Here are the sketches for...

As I stated previously,
I have been spending much of my time in Monty hall,
the animation/digital media building.
Mostly for friends.
And Cintiqs.
And long hours.
But mostly the friends.

I am ashamed that this conversation really happened exactly how it is portrayed.

Lauren and I invented a new species of creature,
called the Woogies.
They are adorable.
With their big hands and their poof tails and their parachute pants.
Yes yes.

Oh hey look,
more creatures.
Also, have some teeny sketches of some old characters of mine from my story Tsubasa No Negai.
I like Cashew Bunny and his rolling friend.

The following also happened just as you see it.
Long story short, Nate is awesome.

We went to a presentation by a guy that did a lot of effects stuff on Iron Man,
and seeing all the concept art he was given made me want to draw bulky roboty biomecha suit things.
Then I remembered...
I cannot draw mechanical things.
Oh well.
Practice practice!
I will get better!

After that I felt like I should draw something more organic,
like hands.
Then I remembered...
I haven't drawn hands in forever. D8
These are not so great.
I need to exercise my drawin' hand more.

February's free sketch theme is Rejected Pokémon,
ones that just didn't make it past the conceptual stages.

Dead2 gave me the concept for "Chikia," an extremely dangerous Pokémon,
extremely dangerous indeed.

I'm surprised nobody's thought of this one before.
Crash requested "Charbender," a mix between Charmander and Bender from Futurama.

Capsize-Beautiful requested a Pokémon that gains its super-saiyan powers from standing in front of the microwave for long periods of time.
It may have rippling muscles and a power level over 9000,
but it's very much radioactive.

BigB89 requested "Sharktapus."

My favorite so far is the kitten with yarn Pokémon,
requested by Alice.
It's a fat bean with legs, and completely useless.

The happy-go-lucky computer mouse Pokémon with special ability "Double Click" goes to Blue-Pilot.

Lastly, poor "Slugwarth"...
goes to waiting4wings.
Apparently if I were a Pokémon trainer,
I must have had some horrific accident that left me with a horribly mutilated left hand.

That's all for now!

Next time I will promote Nate's movie with excessive derpy cuteness!

There are also still some slots open for this month's free sketch requests!

Thanks for your patience!
And thanks for all the support from my friends! :)

Love you all very much,
and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

The children must call me "Uncle Emily."
No exceptions. >8[


  1. Oh. My. Word.

    You certainly made up for the lack of sketchblog posts by filling this one up with awesomeness.

    The cat-unicorn-bluebird is more amazing than I could have imagined (and I'm good at imagining things).

    Thank you!

  2. Hehe glad you like it! And I'm glad I made up for the lack of uploads. Yaaaaaay! ^^;

  3. Here I thought I was the only EJ's Creations out And we are both artists....

  4. Haha, well Romee, my initials are EJS, and I do art and stuff, so yes! You're not alone! ^^;