Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sketchblog Edition 107: So Close And Yet So Far

There was a bit of a delay,
but I have a good excuse.
Alright, it's a lousy excuse,
but life got crazy on me for a bit there.

Things will get better though.

here are some sketches!
(And the other stuff I promised you is coming soon!)

This is truth:

I've been getting lots of commissions lately and other side projects,
and life in general has been distracting me from my webcomic and my thesis,
so I figured I'd get some practice in on drawing Emma and her wonderful mouth expressions.

I don't think I ever explained the idea behind Emma and Chester.
Emma expresses all her feelings in her mouth,
while Chester usually keeps his mouth closed,
and expresses his emotions through his eyes.
It's a fun little experiment,
and I'm enjoying the challenge of utilizing it. :)

So for a few days my body almost completely shut down on me,
and it got so bad that one morning,
when I stood to take the first step of the day,
my right calf just entirely gave out and I practically fell to the floor.
The whole day I had a slight limp.
I must have slept on it wrong or something....

Here's a little Valentine's Day present for all my TAoCKF fans!
It's been a while since I drew Emma and Chester being adorable together. ^^

Another adorable couple are the owners of my absolute favorite (and hands-down best) restaurant in Savannah:
I give you: Ann and Hervé.
Sorry... it got a little rushed toward the end,
but I promise I'll be making a nicer version of this sometime...
and maybe even color it!
Also, that is my favorite thing they serve that Hervé is holding:
Chocolate Mousse.
Ohhhhhhhh boy.
So good.

In other news, I had a really weird dream last night.
It was an alternate telling of the story Sleeping Beauty.
In my dream, the Prince and Princess were both weapons designed to go to the highest bidder,
and they got their memories wiped before they were sold so that they were obedient.
It's a concept that intrigues me,
and I want to work with it.
Anyway, here are rough sketches of what they kind of looked like in my dream.

The Prince reminds me a lot of Ergo Proxy.

There weren't many more sketch requests,
but here's a Pika-T (combination of Pikachu and Mr. T),
for Reed.

This wasn't really an official sketch request,
but Ian McGinty had wanted me to draw him a Breloom a while back.
I just modified it to fit this month's sketch request theme.
Here's a Durrloom!

That's all I got today!
Thanks for your continued patience as I deal with life!

Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson

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