Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sketchblog Edition 108: In My Dreams

Not much to say about today.

Got a message shortly after getting up.
Nate and his roommate Rose,
along with Drew and Alex,
were going to an Indian buffet and invited me to go with.
Lilly opted in and we met them all at the mall,
during one of the nicest days of weather yet,
only to find the place had closed down.

So then we went to Seasons of Japan instead!
It was tasty delicious,
but soooooo much food...
Nate and I both ate too much methinks.

After picking up my Tobi from getting his battery charged
(and quite the struggle getting him out from the garage at the shop, with no help at all from the girl that works there >:[ ),
I went over to work at Monty.
There, Tyler gave us quite the lecture on double-spacing after ending a sentence,
which Nate and I didn't agree with.

Apparently there's someone dubbed the "Pizza Fairy,"
who usually visits Monty during finals week and gives out free pizza,
but I guess he was making an exception today.
Just in time, too.
My friend Jen and I were about to eat cafeteria food,
when we heard he was making a visit.
Lauren, Jen, Lane, Other Lauren and I formed our wolf pack and went on the hunt.
It took us only moments to find him and devour the pizzas he brought.
It was a massacre.

Nate bled all over the place.
I mended him.
He'll survive.

Drew requested a Zombie Evee for the free sketch request of the day,
so here it is:
I don't get to draw disgusting things that often,
so this was lots of fun.
But fun.

As an added bonus today,
have this Guest Sketch,
done by the amazing Nate Swinehart.

It is an accurate depiction of myself.
*nod nod*

Thanks for reading!
Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson


  1. The pizza fairy one may be my favorite mini-comic you did besides the babies in acid and the sexy tiems one :D