Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 67-69: Sick To My Stomach

Sorry for the lack of updates,
and the significant lack of artwork this time around.
I've been sick the past few days,
and have been pushing myself as much as I can to get something done,
as insignificant as it seems.

Here it is.

We puppy-sat my sister's boyfriend's family's new puppy for an evening,
and it was the most therapeutic thing ever.
The little guy fell asleep in my lap and was just the sweetest puppy ever.
However, it was really hard to sketch something that won't stop moving. ^^;

After watching so many reports on the Gulf Oil Spill,
I felt urged to draw turtle creatures.
I may make more later....

I like drawing characters who do things differently,
and conveying that through their actions.
There are millions of ways to do even the most simplest of things,
such as running.

Now, for the part you've no doubt been waiting for:
the sketch requests.

First up is for Andy Mai,
who requested his friend Jeff....
riding a Ninetails.

Next is for Grace,
who is a huge Hellboy fan.
First time ever drawing Hellboy.
'Twas fun. :P

the very final sketch request of June,
goes to Tyler.
He likes Jurassic Park,
so this is a sketch of Ian Malcom,
shirt ripped,
riding a velociraptor,
saying something "Jeff Goldblumish."

There you have it, folks.
Sorry there wasn't much.

Thanks for reading,
and happy July!

Love you all,

Emily J Sampson

p.s. "I am madly in love with this life.
After having your own child die in your arms, twice,
in the good and the bad,
I've seen God through it all,
through it all." -my Dad

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