Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 6: Mmmmmm Brownies

I actually managed to get a good night's rest last night and even was able to get up early (even if I didn't immediately get much work done), thanks to the wake-up text from my good friend Tyler.

Bad news is, for most of the day, on and off, I'd feel aftershocks of that major headache from yesterday.
This happens sometimes, but I have to admit, it has me a little frightened.
Hopefully tomorrow won't be any worse, and hopefully it's just the weather that's causing it.

What did help get me down to business today, though, was Tyler generously allowing me to use his space to work on my webcomic.
Making delicious food, such as Fettuccine Alfredo and gooey Ghirardelli brownies, was also a plus.

For some reason, all I could draw today (aside from the blue lines for the next page of The Adventures of Chester K. Fingkelbottom) were two of the characters from the new story I'm developing (see previous post), in various forms.
The main character, pictured immediately below, is designed around hawks and falcons.
I'm kind of digging a name I came up with in a brainstorming session: "Harriet Cooper" (drawn from the names for a couple kinds of birds of prey- the Harrier Falcon and Cooper's Hawk).
I'm still working on refining her overall look, especially her hair, but her outfit is based on different aspects of a Plague Doctor's garb.
I read up on what they used to wear and found out that they'd actually wear thigh-high boots similar to what a fisherman would wear.
I thought that was just an awesome image, so I decided to keep that aspect of their costuming.
The rest is loosely based on other items they would wear, which I'll eventually explain.

Just a derpy mini-version of the main character in full regalia.
There are some kinks to work out, I must admit, but I'm liking the style a lot.
Her scythe needs to be changed quite a bit....

Like I said before, her hair is what's giving me the most trouble.
I want it to whisp out like some birds of prey's feathers do, but it's starting to look a little weird to me.
Opinions are welcome.

This is one of the other characters, who is based off a Screech Owl.
I think I may go with the name "Tawny" for her (a Tawny is a breed of owl).
She's so darn cute and fun to draw!

Well, yet again, I feel like I've fallen short on the sketch quota for the day.
I really don't know how to make it up to you guys.

Well, here.
Have another Angry Tyler:

This drawing actually scares me quite a bit.

I'm sorry.

Thanks for putting up with this edition of my sketchblog!
I'll try to have better stuff for you tomorrow.
Love you all, and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

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