Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 3: Redeeming Sundays

Today was sure a long and exhausting day.

Where to start?

Well, the first sketch of the day I actually did shortly after midnight, so it still counts towards this day's batch! XD
I was looking at my sister's profile pictures on facebook, and was thinking how gorgeous a sister I have.
Then I come across a picture of her making a wonderful face, which just reinforced my high opinions of her.
You get to see my rendition of it below.
Below that, fanart of a super-short anime movie called "Cencoroll," which is right up there with "FLCL" in terms of confusing and crazy and amazing and gorgeous.
I just had to draw this concept I had in my brain (it has some minor spoilers), and though it didn't turn out all that great, I'd still like to make it into full-fledged fanart sometime.
Not right now though. Too much to do.

This sketch I meant to do yesterday.
Based on a true story.
My bacon fell on the floor.
It was carpeted floor.
The 5-second rule does not apply to bacon on carpet.
Needless to say I was a very sad Emily.
A large bulk of my day consisted of me going through all my clothes and weeding out the ones that don't fit me or that I don't wear anymore.
This, of course, required trying each one of my shirts on one by one, which was tiresome.
But if there's one thing I learned coming out of it, it's this:
I look FINE in collared shirts! XD
My bestestest friend in the whole wide world, Tyler, and I went to T-Rex Mex for some delicious quesadillas for dinner.
While waiting for them, we killed time with more sketchbook fun.
In case you couldn't tell whose is whose, I labeled Tyler's to differentiate.... You know... because our styles are so similar.
Warning! Cute things (and some slightly disturbing) galore!
(Oh look, another of those weird meerkat-raccoon-fox things!)

Well... the end of the day was the most difficult part for me, but it had to be done.
It's good to finally get the air cleared and get things off my chest.
When things like this happen, I always end up doing a weird self-portrait sort of thing to record the raw emotion of the moment and devote it to memory.
So here it is.
(I'm a bit of a hot mess right now, but I promise I don't look as bad as I portray myself here. XD)I want to thank a certain someone for being so patient and understanding with me through all this mess.
You'll never know how much it means to me (although, maybe now you actually do).
Thank you... for saving my life.

Thanks everyone for reading!
Have a good night and wake up in the morning and live life amazingly tomorrow!
See you then. :)

Emily J Sampson

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