Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 5: These Days Are Gone

Well, today was... blah.
I was able to get a pretty sound sleep last night, but the problem was that I stayed up too late and had to wake up around 6:00/6:30 for classes.
For some reason, as I was getting ready for class, my mind started wandering and I began thinking about my future, and what I'm going to do after graduating, where I'm going to live, if I'm going to be able to be near friends or make new friends depending on where I go, if I can even finish my thesis or my comic over the Summer....
I started to get extremely anxious, and my stress levels began to rise.
It wasn't good.
Class hadn't even begun, and already I was freaking out.
And it's still only Tuesday.

To top it off, the classrooms we sit in are dark and stuffy, and that combined with the strong smell of smoke from certain people, and the fact that the weather drastically changed today, all made for one killer headache that lasted from the time we got out of classes all the way through the evening.
It doesn't help that the only pain medication that could ever help my major headaches (Excedrin) contains the two things I'm allergic to: aspirin and ibuprofen. >< href="http://www.backinthedaybakery.com/">Back In The Day Bakery for lunch, and I decided to draw her delicious cheesecake.
It was a race against time, however, as she had started to eat it shortly after I began sketching. D:

Oh look, a monkey.
That's because of this link that Tim Loyer posted.

As for the lion skull?
Well, my awesome roommate posted a link to this, and, well, I just had to draw a lion's skull while listening to it.
So I did.
Is there something so terribly wrong with that?
We're in agreement.

After being cooped up in my house with my horrible headache, my friend Tyler kindly whisked me away to B&D's to get dinner, where I promptly popped some acetaminophen (which only helped slightly).
I also drew more Southern Drawl Cat.
Trying to finalize a design on him....
Why? You'll see... ;)

I was listening to Heaven, by Los Lonely Boys, when I felt the urge to draw this.
It's an idea for a story I've been toying with (yeah, I know... I have way too many stories on my plate, but this one seemed interesting).
The basic plot is that a human must become the guardian for an angel who lost her memories (or something along those lines).
It also gives me an excuse to draw ethereal pretty angelic beings with unusual wings.

Well, sorry this batch wasn't as great as yesterday's.
I feel like I kind of dropped the ball on this one because of my headache.
I promise I'll make it up to you.

Here, have an Angry Tyler:

Thanks again, everyone!
Have a great night!
Love you all!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. I love my dad.
He called me today and instantly made my day infinitely better, despite my headache and lack of productivity. :)

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