Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 1: Oh Nooooooooo!

Oh man, my first sketchblog entry and it's already late!Sorry, guys!
I meant to upload this before Friday was over, but before I knew it, it was time for Game Night at my place, and we ran a little late, so you'll have to settle for a late-night upload.
I just wanted to share some of the first sketches from the sketchbook I carry around with me to restaurants and places like that.It's where my best concepts come from.

First up are some branding sketches I was doing for myself in Self-Promo class. These are logos based off of my old logo, which is composed of my initials "EJS."
Based on my tastes and the common theme of birds in most of my stories, and going off of the opinions of my colleagues and professors, I decided to bring the bird motif into the logo.
You can also see above the logo conceptuals, the brainstorming session I had in class with the professor on my classmates.
What we settled on was that I basically cater to females, yet not entirely feminine.
Basically, I write action stories for young women, and romance stories for young men.
I also have a unique brand of humor running through each of my stories, so the logo needed to be slightly whimsical.

These are conceptual sketches for a new story in the works.
The plot definitely needs more work, but the characters are becoming more and more amazing with each sketch I draw.
The heroes of the story are based off of the plague doctors from the era of the Black Plague, and each one is designed around a specific bird of prey (the main character being a hawk or falcon, and so far two secondary characters being a Secretary Bird and a Screech Owl).
The original idea I came up with was that souls were being rejected from both Heaven and Hell and the souls in Purgatory were being recruited to either dispose of or recycle the wandering souls and clean them out of the world of the living, but it was dangerously close to Bleach and Soul Eater.
To get a feel for what I was going for, listen to "Monster Hospital" by Metric.
That's the ideal opening theme were this ever to become an animated series. :)
The owl character is quickly becoming one of my favorites. She's so cute and fun to draw!

What is this I don't even.

I was just kind of playing around here with a new style of drawing, and revisiting old characters now that my style is more refined and defined.

I had been looking at character designs for Ben 10 earlier in the morning and felt the urge to draw random flaming creatures with big blocky hands and smooth features.
Yes, that is a Bible verse. Yes, I was in Church when I drew this. Yes, God knows.
We're cool.

If you know me at all, you know I have an obsession with birds and adore drawing birdlike creatures and people.
I was just playing around designing more characters with feathers and bird features.
I have to say, I really enjoy how these turned out, even if I may not use them in a story.
That's all for today!
Hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse of what goes on in my brain!

Emily Sampson

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