Monday, August 16, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 90: Friend Of A Friend

It was good.
It was a nice day.
It was a productive day.
It was a day of amazement.

And I will tell you why.

I awoke at precisely 8:30 AM of my own will,
which happens from time to time.
(In fact, almost every day this summer I have slept without an alarm set,
and about 80% of the time woken up before or by 9:00.
Soon, I hope to shave an hour off that time.)
Dad started work again this week, so he was away most of the day doing teacherly duties.
So I, being the only one in the house, blasted my music and bedroom-danced as I cleaned the house.

While doing this, I, for some reason, got this image in my head:

After eating a quick breakfast, Tucker and I went for a walk in the forest.
I entered the glen area and heard a loud noise in one of the trees right above me.
Then came swooping down a giant golden-winged hawk.
It was on a branch only a few feet above my head,
and I watched in amazement as it glided gracefully through the sky and disappeared behind the trees.
I will not forget the image of it.

Dad met us at the exit to the woods, which excited Tucker almost to the point of strangulation,
and, after dropping the pooch off at home to sleep off the hard work of running around in the woods,
we went out to eat lunch at the mall (yay mall food).
After eating, Dad had to run some errands so I shopped around at the mall.
This was not necessarily a good thing.
See, I had already went out three times (yes, 3) yesterday and bought many things,
and while they had all been worth the cost,
I told myself I wouldn't make any more pointless purchases for the rest of the month.
However, Dad had a coupon for F.Y.E., and they had used Seirei No Moribito dvds,
I splurged.
Forgive me.

Upon returning home,
I called my grandma,
had a wonderful chat with her,
then returned to the parents to enjoy a delicious homemade taco casserole with them.

Once filled with excellent foodstuffs,
I figured it was time yet again...

to dye my hair.

While letting the dye set,
I immersed myself in the last episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2.
(On another note, I am a bit sloppy with the dye apparently....)

After rinsing and washing and drying,
the results were wonderful.
I love the dark red color most of all.
There were a few spots where the color didn't take as well as I'd have hoped,
but for the most part it blends fairly well,
and I'm probably going to cut it soon anyway,
so.... *shrug*

(p.s. This is not an accurate depiction of myself by any stretch of the imagination.)

After dying my hair, I showed it off to Tucker,
who showed his appreciation by giving me a puppy-hug.
When Hobbes saw it was cuddle-time,
he walked over to join the fun.
However, Tucker seemed to be in an especially jealous mood tonight,
and then this happened:

Poor Hobbes.
Oh well.
He deserves it for all the times he picked on Tucker as a puppy.

Now for the free sketches!

Yesterday's was a legendary Wumpkin,
a creature of Tyler's design,
asked for by his sister Alysha.
After thoroughly researching,
I depicted it as best I could in my own manner.
Here you go, Alysha!

Today's was especially complex.
Daniel Yost requests some pretty amazing things,
but this has to be the best of them by far.
A Cyborg Tyrannosaurus.
(Okay so it's a bit of a stretch to consider this a "mythical creature,"
but who cares?!?
It's a Tyrannosaurus...
with a rocket launcher.)
Thank you, Daniel.

Well that's all for tonight!
Hope you enjoyed!
I know I did! :P

Thanks for reading.
Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

p.s. I need more practice with mechanical things. *nod*


  1. Me too! Mechanical things are super tough for me :C But I love your T-rex with a rocket launcher. You really CAN'T get more badass than that. I can't wait to see you :>

  2. @Evui: Hehe thanks! Can't wait to see you either! :)

  3. What a very good day it was! I laughed about the dog blocking the cat.

  4. @Aaron: Haha thanks! I still giggle when I think about it. XD