Friday, August 6, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 87: Worth Fighting For

So so so so sorry for the incredibly long delay,
but I'm finally back!

I'll just say a quick little something before I show you the fruits of the past couple weeks.

Life's been crazy lately.Mostly it's kind of been okay for me,
but things have been kind of getting hectic around here.
Won't go into it here,
but your thoughts and prayers are all appreciated. :)

Been hanging out with some great people this summer and really enjoying it.
Learning a lot about life and myself and getting over some issues I've been fighting.

As both my dad and I always say,
life is about finding a balance.
I'm starting to get my life balanced again,and it feels really good.
Looking forward to going back down to Savannah soon to enjoy a fresh start to life with great friends. :)

Shout-outs to:
Sara, Timu-Chan, Other Tim, Kirk, EpicMatt, Heidi, John Einselen, and Dan Morris for being as awesome as they are.


Here are all the sketch requests I failed to upload on time.
Hope you'll forgive me. :)

For MagnusXL,
July 18th's sketch is of T-Bone and Razor from Swat Kats:

For Rainwater,
July 19th's sketch is of Sonic and Tails:

For Beardless Ben,
July 20th's sketch is Boba Fett
(whom I couldn't resist drawing as a rebellious little tot):

For Daniel Yost,
July 21st's sketch is Ren and Stimpy
(from my favorite episode, I might add!):

For Ben Fraker,
July 22nd's sketch is Ken the Eagle from Gatchaman:

For EpicMatt,
July 23rd's sketch is a Smurf,
simply a Smurf:

For Ra'an,
July 24th's sketch is of Bic and Bac from the series Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea
(which I have never seen D8):

For Lizzie,
July 25th's sketch is of the two girls from My Neighbor Totoro
(sorry I messed up the little girl so badly):

(There were no requests from July 26th to July 31st. :( )

August's sketch theme is mythical creatures,
and there are still slots available,
so hurry and grab them while you can!

August 1st goes to Vawn-O-The-Dawn,
who requested a Boggart:

August 2nd goes to MAK-ATTACK,
who wanted a Kappa:

August 3rd is for CobraGFX,
who requested a Dark Angel:

August 4th's sketch goes to AriadneArca,
who requested a Kelpie:

And today,
August 5th's sketch goes to Reed,
who wanted a Gryphon:

Now for the rest of the sketches!

Some posture/walk cycle conceptuals:

I drew the next 6 sketches after watching a NatGeo special on bears. :3

I think, of all the sketches I upload today,
this is my favorite:

A couple student conceptuals:

This next sketch-comic depicts actual events involving me and my dog.

Yeah, my dog's weird.
He just snuck over to my bedroom,
sat in the doorway,
scratched his armpit for a little bit,
then left.
Go figure.

AAAAAAND finally,
a couple guest sketches!

First, a donation on Tyler's part.
It is entitled "Artist."

Next, we have a lovely collaboration between my mother and I.
It's a Musketeer Frog.....
I think....

That's all!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading,
and have a good night!
Love you all!

Emily J Sampson


  1. Ooh, I've been upgraded from "awesome" to "epic".

  2. Love how you draw gryphons.

  3. @spaghetti016: Of course! :3

    @what-is-a-wosky: Thank you! :)

  4. Ditto on the gryphon, you did fantastic job on it!