Monday, April 30, 2012

Sketchblog Edition 131: Achievement Unlocked!

I completed all 30 character illustrations,
one a day for the month of April's Character A Day Challenge,
without fail!
Here are the final illustrations:

Harriet Cooper from "Plague Doctors" (working title)
a space pirate captain from a yet unnamed story

the so far unnamed character from my story "Godly"
the Feminist pirate captain from a yet unnamed story
the witch and her werepug from "Witch-for-Hire"

Elia from "Witnesses"

Aya (and several other aliases) from "Harbinger"

And here it is...
the final version of the wallpaper,
which will soon be available for free download on my website in four different sizes through the month of May,
if you want it:

It was so much fun and such a wonderful growth experience working on this challenge!
I'm happy I could share all my efforts with you!

During May I will be pretty inactive due to work on finishing my thesis,
so soon after that I promise you there will be plenty of uploads!

In the meantime,
thank you, as always, for reading,
and have a wonderful day!

Love you all!

Emily J Sampson

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