Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sketchblog Edition 128: April Character-A-Day Challenge Part 1

Here are the first three characters in my Character-A-Day Challenge!

The first two I struggled with on the proportions, mainly because I was designing them from scratch while I was drawing them (I had only drawn each of them once before, so it was extremely difficult to get a dynamic and interesting image while designing the character at the same time!), so I hope you'll forgive the wonkiness.

April 1:  Lisa Campbell, from the very first story I ever wrote.
She has the ability to transform into any combination of any number of creatures.

April 2:  Lady Falcon, from the story I wrote in my undergrad days, Randomia.
She is the Queen of the prosperous and peaceful country of Randomia.

April 3:  Tzipporah, who used to be named Tsubasa Minezawa,
from another undergrad story formerly called "Tsubasa No Negai."
She uses the power of something called the Solomon Stone,
which allows her to fight against demons.

That's all for today!
Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for more sketches in the not-too-distant future!
Love you all, and have a good night!

Emily J Sampson

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