Monday, April 23, 2012

Sketchblog Edition 130: Joyful, Free, and Happy

Man, I meant to update this on the 20th,
but I got so busy with other things I just didn't have the time.
Fortunately for all you wonderful people who keep coming back for more from me,
I had today off, so I decided to keep the April Character A Day Challenge updates going!
I've only got one more week left,
so at the end I'll show you the last seven as well as the compiled version,
which I will put up on my website for free download!

Here we go!

Add-on Character for the 14th:
Eridanus, from the unnamed Magical Girl story

Eridanus and Celica together

Koko from RavenCrest
The half-way point!
A taste of what the final image might look like!

Torishou, "The Bird King" from RavenCrest
Sheriff "Mahogany" Jane Walker from DAWGs

Aida, "The Seamstress" from StitchCraft!
Ralph from Crazy Eye-Deer

Dio from Big Top University
Virginia Dare from OmegaMart (title subject to change)

Emma Evans from
The Adventures of Chester K. Fingkelbottom
Chester K. Fingkelbottom from
The Adventures of Chester K. Fingkelbottom

Emma and Chester together!

That's it for today!
Man, all my other sketches keep piling up....
It'll be an immense upload when I finally get around to scanning them all,
so consider yourself warned.

On a side note,
guess who's almost done with her thesiiiiiiiis!!!

Thanks, as always, for reading!

Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J Sampson

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