Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sketchblog Edition 129: April Character-A-Day Challenge Part 2

Next batch of the Character-A-Day Challenges!
It's gonna go by quick.
Here we go!
Crazy Emily from Paint Chips!
Haita from Special Delivery

Imiru from WorldWide Collapse

Annie from Pandora's Box

Captain Enta from an unnamed Pirate story

Moshi from Dream Easy

Yurei from Dream Easy
Aiba Ravenhair from Karasukami

Jani from See You In The Rain

Kensington "Ken" Harris from Confetti Summer
Celica "Cel" Montgomery from an unnamed Magical Girl story

More updates to come!
Be on the lookout for some really fun sketches and an update of nothing but fanart! :D

Thanks for reading!
Love you all,
and have a great day!
Emily J Sampson

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