Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sketchblog Edition 119: Nativiteeny, Part Deux

I finished the Nativiteeny commission!
Here it is, painted and all!
(Again, I apologize for the crappy picture...
My camera is still broken and I haven't gotten the chance to order a new screen for it.
I'm hoping to just get a new camera after Christmas.
As much as I love my L19, it's run its course, and it's time to retire it in favor of a newer model methinks.)

Baby Jesus is all like, "I'M BORN!"

I also just got permission from another commissioner,
my good friend Daniel Yost,
to post the conceptual stuff for his new business's logo design!

More to come this week!

Oh yes,
Please don't steal.
I'll be upset, my commissioners will be upset,
and most of all,
Baby Jesus will be upset.
You don't want to make Baby Jesus upset.

That's all for this very short update!
Love you all and have a good day!

Emily J Sampson

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