Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 94: Don't Touch My Ham

Since it's break, I've been making a valiant effort to NOT wake up late...
with negative results.
This morning wasn't any easier.
It was dark and humid and rainy outside, and my body simply said, "NO" and went back to sleep.

However, I powered through the heavy feeling of exhaustion and made myself get up and get going.

Heidi and I went out to do some shopping and I bought a few things that I will keep secret for now,
and then we came back to my house and played some Magic: The Gathering with our friend Chad and his new pooch Dr. Ziaus, whom we think to be some weird conglomeration of Corgi and Dachshund (and possibly something else?).

Lilly and Vanessa also came over to join in the fun and helped me devour the leftover Thanksgiving ham and milk I had in my fridge, as well as some peanut butter Oreos lingering in my kitchen.

All in all a busy day.

But enough of that.
Here are the sketches for the day!

Tyler sent me a link to this bizarre cat attempting to be a bunny,
and I had to draw it.
It commanded me to.

And then I turned it into an actual cat-bunny creature.
I think I'm in love with it.

Another cat-bunny, and some quick sketch attempts at Dr. Zaius.
She's a wiggly pup, so it's hard to get her likeness down in a sketch.

Dance gestures.
I want to animate someone dancing all crazylike,
now that I actually sort of know how to animate things.

Oh hey!
Here's a bonus for you!
More results from Constructive Animal Anatomy class.
Every week we'd have an animal visitor from Oatland Island.
Most of these animals are those, but there are a few that were from other places.

The grand owl WaHooHoo.
I'm surprised I even got this picture!

Gopher tortoise!

The carriage horse Rowdy and our classmate Squirrel (aka Sarah).

Buddy the baby possum!

Another possum!

Hehe... snaggletooth. :3

Happy Frog.

Eagle at Oatland Island.

Wolf at Oatland Island.

Cougar at Oatland Island.

Crane at Oatland Island

Egret... I think?

Skink! :P

Legless lizard. No, not a snake.


Icarus the owl!
Poor guy has a beak deformity. :/

A pup at the Critter Farm!

Wallaby at the Critter Farm. :)

Lizard at the Critter Farm.

Baby bunny at the Critter Farm.

Iguana at the Critter Farm.
Such pretty coloration...

Turtle at the Critter Farm.

Armadillo from Oatland Island!

Sleepy armadillo. ^^

Mini-gator from Oatland!
His name was either Flotsam or Jetsam... can't remember.

That's all!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Those were the best of the best of the best,
and it was hard to pick just a few out of the (literally) hundreds I took of each animal!

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed November!

Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson

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